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Published on Jul 15, 2018

Torrents have become in short time one of the easiest ways to share large size files, so that the protocol has also been used in the updater of different games. To download a file via torrent serves as a client, and the files to download are hosted by the tracker. The tracker scan the web and provide the link to the files shared by users, are a pillar of the torrent.

This way of exchanging data, it is imposed because it is a system without a server, and therefore difficult to attack.

The only point of true weak point of the torrent are the torrent trackers that have been taken and then targeted by the legal actions of various companies and by various court orders.

An attack of this kind had led to the death of Torrent a of tracker the most beloved of the web, recently born, however, Torretz2 that he is the worthy heir of the meta tracker that has preceded it.

Use these means to see the download content that is protected by a licence is illegal, who uses them commits an offence and may be prosecuted. For this reason, many pirates recommend to the lovers of download and of torrent to acquire a good VPN to safeguard your privacy, improve the download speed (avoiding the filters of the operators), and to hide his identity. The only way to see pirated content with a certain degree of security is a VPN that does not log your logs . One of VPN most reliable, safe and economical on the market is without a doubt IPVanish.

Simple is a service of fathom in the first person the web looking for the file to insert into your database, use the database of a large part of the other tracker to provide you when you look for a better result.

Does a similar job to the one of the aggregators of the flight or the hotel, scours dozens of sites in your place, making you a quick report of the result.

Of course, covering multiple sites, an aggregator of torrent is incredibly comfortable, and in a short time a large number of results.

It's useless to look around: as of today the best alternative to Torrenz is his heir Torrentz2, other alternatives such as aiosearch, toorgle, they are not comparable.

If you want to find some reliable alternative you can use the torrent tracker the most big, they use only their results, but have the database rich.

Before concluding, we leave you with some guides that we have written about the world torrent might come in handy depending on your needs.

Our post about alternatives to Torretz has come to an end, please let us know if you have discovered any other valid meta-tracker.


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