Also the region of Lombardia currency the prohibition of the walk with the children. Explore the old: “we must Not lower our guard”


Published on Apr 01, 2020


Divides the circular issued yesterday by the Ministry of the Interior that authorizes the walk of a parent with a child, small, close to home. Not all of them, in fact, in these difficult days, have been shown to have good sense, and allow you to get out, doing maybe pass the message that soon you will be back to normal, it is not perhaps the right thing to do. He is convinced the president of the Campania de Luca, banned in his region walks for parents and children, and a wheel could follow soon after, Lombardia. As evidenced by the words of explore the old that already yesterday evening, after the publication of the circular, has expressed his disappointment towards the decision of the Government.

The words to explore the old:

“This is not the time to lower the guard. The circular circulated by the Ministry of the Interior is likely to create a psychological effect is devastating, frustrating the efforts and the sacrifices they have made so far”, said the councillor. According to explore the old circular could be understood by citizens as a signal of easing of the containment measures taken so far. Stringent measures, important, which, however, have made it possible to contain the curve of cases of infection of the coronavirus,” whose growth in the last few days in the Lombardy region is slowly slowing down. According to explore the old, circular of the interior ministry “runs the risk of trivializing everything”: for the assessor you need to extend the sacrifices and stay home at least for another 15 days to continue to reduce the number of cases is still very high as well as the number of deaths. “Beyond the circular, the problem is the message, " he added, explore the old -. The directors of the hospitals they tell me that the first week of march we had a slowdown that lasted a few days, but then the contagion is spread and stronger because on 8 march, the people are back out. We do not release the tension, any message that is likely to become devastating”.

And this is exactly the fear of those who govern the regions, also those less affected, which until now have resisted. A little evaluation efficient could trigger a new bomb.

The concept is also stressed today in the Morning, 5: “The message given from the past few days by the minister Hope cannot be contradicted. If the virus is not found in the human attack and dies, however, if you continue with this social induced...” said explore the old. The councillor pointed out that you can run by yourself, of course, but the problem remains precisely these outputs that must necessarily be limited.

No comment on what happened yesterday in Milan, apparently regular in all

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