AlpTransit, the Bosons (Luino 5 Stars): “democracy leaves no room for the rights to the goods. What would you say Socrates?”

Published on Apr 28, 2017

The AlpTransit project, which will revolutionize our territory and, above all, the railway line, is always in vogue and this morning, the first citizens will meet the prefect of Varese, italy, dr. Giorgio Zanzi, to expose their own instances. Between citizens, political parties and activists, the concern on the issue of security is more and more common, and today we publish an analysis of Giorgio Bosons, belonging to the group, Luino, 5-Star, which delves into the theme. Here is the text. AlpTransit, the Bosons (Luino 5 Stars): “democracy leaves no room for the rights to the goods. What would you say Socrates?” If in the ceiling of your house open a crack like this one above, you would call immediately a technician to analyze the phenomenon? If the technical predisponesse a solution such as that adopted in the picture, would you pay or the mandereste to that country? Unless, for budget reasons, and had a lot of money to spend. But even if it were, there would be the certainty of having them thrown away? What you see above is the arch of the railway bridge on viale Dante, in the stretch between the roundabout of the Rats and the traffic lights in the vicinity of the barracks of the Fire Brigade. Under this construction, there are, on a daily basis: drive in the column at the traffic lights, school buses, buses, trucks, pedestrians... To the Italian Railway Network, the Region of Lombardy and of the Province of Varese, everything is normal and the problem doesn't exist. “In Italy ... zero risk” according to the workers of the institutions mentioned above, on the contrary: the alarmism are “concerns out-of-place and unnecessary” since 1851, the time of the beginning of the realization of the Cadenazzo-Genoa. How much less shameful for an infrastructure updated to 2017 touted as the “flagship”. As a citizen I can not trust so much arrogance. I wonder with that lightness, I will be able to enjoy life, if a “banal accident statistics should subtract their loved ones of the victim of the business logic, implemented by people who perceive the profits to say things like these and I have the consciousness of the argument. In Italy does not pay nobody; for this kind of crime has devised a prescription. Perhaps more than “zero risk” you should talk about “zero liability” in the case of certain “technical”. In the Country of the viaducts collapsing every now a month, is this the highest competence available on the market? Last year I guessed the landslide of Germignaga, the night before that would take place, in public. The first of July, in the course of an event organized by us activists, a 5 Star Luino that was already talking about AlpTransit, I described the state of widespread murrain in the vegetation cover that is in that area as in any other context that is similar and without the ability of divination particular, I anticipated the event. Check the pre-alps on July 2, li he speaks. I wonder what an insurance agency would load to propose a risk coverage for any private, whose property he insisted on the public right of way as in the above case. Don't try to calm me, telling me that since the trains from seven hundred and fifty metres and 1800 tons of the media, travel from Luino for twenty years now, and it is not nothing ever happened, everything is under control. The loads are also those of the initial table in the order of two million tons/year, which already passed through here, out of the house (data extracted from the Civil Protection plan prepared by the technicians of the Community Montana Valli del Verbano). Prevention or charlatanism? The lightness with which the workers subjected to safety, but without presenting the data, it is alarming, while in the background of their words, you can see other purposes. Not to mention the fact that in the last four years have come many reports of the level crossings that do not close to the passage of trains. The reality that surrounds us is totally different. Try to type on your favorite search engine: “railway Accidents in Italy”, and set a time filter for the search and you will discover a parallel world, unknown to the public distracted. Viareggio is not alone. The customary subjective that we live on a daily basis and the data is semi-hidden, which provides the network (ah, ‘sti"), has allowed us to accumulate evidence, even visual, of the events to the facilities as to the convoys, in considerable number. And who knows how many other episodes have never emerged. But maybe the iq of safety is established only on the number of possible victims, ever, in environmental terms, general, then, according to workers of the RFI is not coming changed anything compared to the existing one, if not the technical characteristics and technological practicability of routes, is not even considered the Environmental Impact Study. I force myself to believe that the parameters on the static hydro-geological, have been prepared on the climate models the most recent. Between Laveno and Luino, 3 trumpets air in the 8 years that have devastated the forests above the rail (the frequency of the phenomena expected to increase), including whole channels occluded by the vegetation ripped from the ground by the wind, which he brought with him, hamlets of rocks already crumbling agents, disintegrating, characteristic of the North-facing slopes. As in the previous photo taken at the foot of the “Pinzoni of Laveno” (Castelveccana). The railing in the picture from the dimensions of the collection channel below the seat rail. If then we want to talk about true security and its then I show you another gem from a Nobel prize, and prevention. Admire. At the entrance of the long gallery of Laveno there is a 6 sleepers consecutive broken (when, as is success?), while the cables that connect the components of the safety system currently in use, are “preserved”, as described by the next picture. Here rasentiamo the world excellence. Italy's in 2017, just two steps from the cliffs on the lake. Perhaps in Zambia, we find the analogous application of the concept of “Security”; all under strict technical control of the workers. A similar yard to any other entrepreneur, would undermine already in the phase of testing and we are here to observe an infrastructure that is ultra-secular. This document oozes with safety from all the pixels. When I received from the mayor Pellicini, the invitation to participate in the technical round table organized by the municipality of Luino, I sensed with sense of civic duty, to bring the contribution of a volunteer of the Civil Protection to a forum where they could exchange experience and professionalism in the direction of an instance of security that for the first time in local history, was taking shape in the daily lives of luinesi. With two architects, two volunteers of a PC, a technician of the fire department, a surveyor, and municipal engineers with the councillor for Mile, you are advanced proposals and visions of urban development and road possible and sustainable; sustainable tourism, one must learn how to attract, if you want to implement the carnet of the offer. Despite the huge economic barrier that orchestra, the decisions on the future socio-economic of the Verbano on the part of the government, the topics with greater weight in the work of the technical committee were, in order: (after 5 sessions, the talks have been suspended): – safety and how to involve the population in the communication of the procedures of behavior, in case you have an important event of danger “on the top”. This ill-concealed danger, or new propensity to the risk of accidents, and when the new capabilities of the transport to reach the full exercise, is described in black and white in the beautiful work of the technicians of the Montana Community, available in PDF on the websites of the municipalities of the district, under the heading of “Civil Protection”. Reading maybe a little sliding but illuminating for many aspects. To speak also of the means and of coordination of the forces of law and order that controlled the chain of the relief and involved for the first scenarios. – Traffic, transport and town-planning solutions, the solution for the needs of the next 30 to 50 years, new legal instruments for the implementation of the current PGT. We take into account that the majority of you send astray, or derailments happen in the vicinity of the exchanges. Is not intoxicating to know that the exchanges are just 100 meters from the hospital and the schools? Or Park Ferrini as from via XXV Aprile, then from the Wednesday market? Over time, as described at the beginning, and the new underpass driveway. The service roads for these new needs of citizens that are manifesting, we should introduce the vision of the “New Street”, as it will have to consider the demands of tourism more sustainable, that feeds the already the economies of areas such as Trentino or near Piemonte. I would like to thank all those who have produced the results and which continues to work to improve the aspects listed, and I thank the mayor and the machine is municipal for having answered my first instance, which introduced the indispensable creation of a board of all the municipalities concerned, in order to better coordinate and request compensations and guarantees in the preliminary phase of among the actors involved (that must be addressed in the first instance at least 10 years ago). To hear that from those who rent the line (FS-RFI), will be allocated 20 million euros, and taxpayers will participate to the expenses with 10 million, and these funds will not be enough to conclude all ancillary works. Learn from the consultation document of the Agreement between the parties that these will be the responsibility of the local government, then... no more can be


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