AlpTransit on the table of the prefect, of the RFI to the auditors: “Great attention to safety”

Published on Apr 28, 2017

A long meeting that took place this morning in the Prefecture of Varese, where they met the mayors of the countries on the insistence of the railway line Zenna-Luino-Gallarate-Sesto Calende, the prefect Zanzi, RFI, and the Fire Department. Many of the issues raised, but first of all the assurances of RFI, through the engineer Vincenzo Slaughterhouse, has announced that all of the measures and the measures that will be adopted for the AlpTransit project. Great satisfaction on the part of the auditors of Luino, Andrea Pellicini, and mayor of the city of Germignaga, Marco Fazio, who together with colleagues have stated that they have more reassurance, although the attention to keep on the theme will be maximum. AlpTransit on the table of the prefect, of the RFI to the auditors: “Great attention to safety.” It is only a stage of the path, but today for the future of the AlpTransit and the whole of our territory was an important day. At the meeting in the Prefecture was attended by the Prefect of Varese, italy, dr. Giorgio Zanzi, the vice-president of the Province of Varese, Marco Magrini, almost all the mayors of the line Zenna-Gallarate-Sesto Calende, the Italian Railway Network, represented by the Engineer Vincenzo Slaughter, and the Provincial Command of the Fire Department, always there when it comes to safety. To open the debate was the master of the house, the prefect, Giorgio Zanzi, who presented the meeting focusing on the theme of security: the system of checks on the efficiency of the rolling stock, the respect of rules on the transport of dangerous goods, the safety of infrastructure, including bridges and tunnels, and finally, the capacity of intervention on the part of the technical bodies, such as the Fire Department, without forgetting also the level crossings and the works of the compensation relating to them. It was then the engineer RFI, Vincent Slaughter, director of territorial production of Lombardy, to make an excursus on the work. The line Luino-Gallarate-Milan is linked to the corridors TEN-T, in particular to the corridor the Rhine-Alps, which should be completed by 2020. For the pass of Luino, there will be the adjustment on the entire line profile pc80/410, with the attached adjustment to the module 750 in Ispra, italy, Luino, Porto Valtravaglia and luino. It will be realized, then, the Central Computer is to Laveno, which in Luino, with the consequent suppression of some of the level crossings at a cost of euro 184 million by 2020. One of the main interventions will include the galleries, which is aimed at improving safety. And’ provided, also, the upgrading of certain stretches of rail, and power line and safety equipment and signalling. Mr. Slaughter has provided clarification on the permissions required to mitigate the noise. If there were assurances about safety, there would seem to exist still much to be done about the barriers anti-noise. The line of Luino, which is inserted in the second floor of the carving of the interventions, started in 2009, is being implemented by the Government and the State-Regions Conference. It will be important that the plan is not only rehabilitation, but to also provide for future traffic. “For the first time – says the mayor of Luino, Andrea Pellicini -thanks to the intervention of the Prefect Zanzi, who has given any reply to the requests of the auditors to the RFI has been in the organic way the interventions that will run on the line and the security measures that will be enhanced. In the first place, the galleries, as well as being appropriate for the shape, will be equipped with security infrastructure, from sidewalks to plants anti-fire, from emergency lighting to the grounding of the electrical systems. With regard to the systems of control of the efficiency of the rolling stock, will be refined and the system RTB to check the temperature of the bushings of the trains. This system, present in Luino and Parabiago, allows to automatically stop the trains if the temperature of the bushing is higher of limits”. “It will also put into operation in the united states by the year the plant for the measurement of the vertical loads, a kind of weighs complex – continuous Pellicini, which will be installed in Gallarate. It will also be opened within the year the new system ETCS level 1 between Luino and the Swiss border, aimed to implement the security for the maintenance of the distance between the trains. In addition, fry has stated that it intends to promote also on the line of Luino and the provision of a means of bimodal (able to proceed on the road and on the rubber) for fire fighting. To Laveno and Luino will be also installed a modern and sophisticated system of movement of trains in the area of the stations. The Prefect gave a further demonstration of the sensitivity, committing to correlate the development of the railway infrastructure with the construction of a new Fire station to Luino. Also present at the meeting, the Alderman of Luino Alessandra Mile, which is able to obtain a commitment on the part of RFI to make a tutorial on emergency by railway accident, to be held at the station of Luino by 2017". “In the near future, " concludes Pellicini – are there further meetings on the territory in order to facilitate a better understanding of these issues by part of the populations concerned. Additional guarantees have been afferite in order to the reduction of the hydrogeological risk. I am pleased that the honourable Senaldi PD has questioned the appropriate Ministers on the issues we highlighted. It is important that you maintain a high level of attention and that RFI will continue to invest in security work”. Met all of the first citizens of the territory who have thanked the prefect for the meeting. Among them also the mayor of Germignaga, Marco Fazio: “A first step to know in detail what will be on the line with the birth of the AlpTransit. The issue of security is very important for our people, and today RFI has detailed precisely what it intends to do. Only through discussion and dialogue we will be able to clear any type of risk. We will continue to closely monitor on all the things that are promised today and to interface with the prefect, RFI and, if necessary, also with the Ministries”.

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