Aloe, the extract of the plant the potential treatment of brain tumor

Published on Sep 21, 2018

A recent Italian study has shown that an extract from aloe may increase the effectiveness of the treatments of brain tumor, in particular glioblastoma multiforme. The discovery was made by Laboratory of neuropathology, the molecular Unit of neuropathology, Irccs Neuromed of Pozzilli. Dr. Antonella Arcella, who conducted this research in the first line provides very interesting details pertaining to the trial:

“We have focused on an extract of the aloe plant, the aloe-emodin. Previous research has suggested that it can be equipped with properties antineoplastiche, but had never been tested on glioblastoma cells”

The effectiveness of aloe-emodin was tested both in vitro and in vivo. With regard to the results dr. Arcella stresses that:

“We have found that the aloe-emodin to cause an inhibition of tumor growth in cells grown in the laboratory and also in animal models, this substance proved to be capable of limiting the development of glioblastoma”

However, you will need to study with other studies the results of this research published in the journal Environmental Toxicology. In short, before that from the extract of aloe vera, you may get a medication for the benefit of patients suffering from glioblastoma multiforme will still take years. In that regard, so he explained to the researcher:

“Of course there will be need to deepen the action of the molecule and to evaluate the effect of aloe emodin is associated with the current medication pearl therapy of brain tumor, and to analyze the possible toxic effects on normal cells Before we can think of a clinical use”

It is one of the brain tumors more common in adults. Patients who are affected are operated and treated with radio and chemotherapy. However, cells of this type of tumor can adapt, becoming resistant to treatment. In addition, they have a high recurrence rate. Therefore, considering the malignancy of this tumour pathology are the study of new therapeutic approaches.

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