Allegri: "Season roller coaster. Recovery almost best of Leicester"

Published on May 26, 2016

“The year has been exciting, from roller coasters”. Now, after the race, Massimiliano Allegri is enjoying the show. Come down from the roller coaster climbed on the ferris wheel. And relive the season with a hand in the championship and in the Coppa Italia. “We have had a decline after the Italian Super cup, then a large bounce. Shame about the Champions League in the middle. But we are a bit redeemed with the final of the Italian Cup against Milan. Well done boys bring it home.” From its Samsung twittava in the middle of the season, preaching calm and plaster: “In football you have to have patience and balance. It sports a beautiful and beastly: in a minute everything changes. Look at the Italian Cup final...”.

Goals from Alvaro Morata in full recovery and Milan to the mat after playing a good game. A rebirth for the bianconeri after over 100 minutes of pain and suffering. Happened something similar in the championship, it lived underwater for months: “After the defeat of Rome, a journalist said to me: “You have lost the first two.” I answered, " maybe, maybe we won all the others. I am one of the extremes. It went more or less like this”. As to push the spaniard to a comparison heavy: “After 10 days we had 12 points. It was easier for the Leicester to win the Premier – jokes, but not too Cheerful – our strength has been to think from game to game, regardless of where we were and who we had before”.

Unfortunately, the Champions league is out in full recovery in Munich, after the game of champions: “Champions are essential to the fortune and the details. Last year we were in a pinch to get enough on the Real, this year a little less with Bayern. But Juve has played as many finals, and this means that it is a team firmly in the elite of europe”. And in the next year? “We have to think of stabilizzarci in the championship, winning the sixth championship. Last year, I knew that this team could do it, had the characteristics to get to Berlin. We just have to believe it and we did it. In the next year? The goal is to pass the group stage. Then from the round, anything can happen”. With or without Morata, the killer of the Coppa Italia? “I told Alvaro that he would do well to stay at Juve. Is the right team to continue its growth. Has improved a lot since his arrival, but he is still 23 years old. I say this for your good”.


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