All Together Now: you have selected the 12 finalists, but the transmission does not take off


Published on Jun 14, 2019


With the conclusion of the semi-final of the 13th of June 2019, All Together Now has finally elected who are the 10 finalists who will vie for the title of champion of the transmission and the full sum of 50 thousand Euros put up for grabs. In addition to the ten selected, you add the other two competitors (for a total of twelve finalists) that have been conspicuous in the phase of the selections managed to win 100% of the judges of the wall.

Under the watchful eye of Michelle Hunziker, the semi-final of "All Together Now" took place in two great heats as usual, but in ten challenges head-to-head. In so doing, the twenty semifinalists have been halved to ten.

Before going to read the names of the finalists, unfortunately, is still tangible the fact that the transmission fails to hit the mark, and – above all due to the length of the monster of the format from its original version – the show is too diluted.

In the first match clashed Veronica Liberati against Matteo Bigazzi. For 99 points against 56, passes the turn Veronica Liberati.

In the second challenge you are affontati Rosy Messina against Tania Frison. For 91, against 16, to go the round in a convincing way is a Rosy Messina.

In the third challenge clashed Samuel Of Nicholas against Gregorio Rega. For 97 points against 62, passes the turn Gregorio Rega.

In the fourth challenge faced Carlo Paradisone against Desirié Bert. For 92 points against 81, the access battle ends with the victory of Charles Paradisone.

In the fifth challenge is met Samantha Discolpa against Antono Gerardi. The challenge is not enticing to the wall: 60 points, against only 39, passes the turn Samantha Discolpa.

In the sixth challenge faced Erica Loi against Daria Biancardi. The match was merciless: for 99 points against poor 32, passes the turn Daria Biancardi.

In the seventh challenge clashed, the beautiful Antonio Tones against Federica Benci. The challenge was in part unbalanced: for 87 points, against 54, passes the turn Federca Benci.

In the eighth challenge faced Manuel Colecchia against Anna Faragon. For 99 points as against 81, passes the turn Manuel Colecchia.

In the ninth challenge clashed, the most adult of the group, Augusta Proces, against the smaller competitors, alias Luca Di Stefano. The victory was scored for a single point of the waste: for 73 points against 72, passes the turn to be the young Luca Di Stefano.

In the tenth and final challenge Dennis Fantina has cross Letizia Chimienti. Against the 50 points of the opponent, passes the turn Dennis Fantina thanks to his 94 points.

Of these ten, you add the two competitors who have already earned the final thanks to the 100 points earned in the selection phase: Martina Maggi and Alessandra Procacci.

Who lotus will win the victory in the final next Thursday?

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