All Together Now: this is who is the winner (VIDEO)


Published on Jun 21, 2019


It is the conclusion a few minutes after the night in the final of the All Together Now: the musical game show on Channel Five hosted by Michelle Hunziker. Judging all the performances of this last appointment, the captain, J-Ax and the rest of the 100 characters that have inhabited the check boxes in the wall. For this final round in the wall we also saw the return of Gabriele Cirilli, Youma Diakite, Ariadna Romero, and the special participation of Albano Carrisi, Nek and Ron.

At the beginning of the transmission, he appeared in the studio with Renato Zero: the cantatas he has performed with a long medley and then leave and stay in the backstage to watch the rest of the show.

But who won the first edition of All Together Now? We can finally know the name of the competitor who took home 50-thousand Euro in palio...

To win the first (and probably last) Italian edition of "All Together Now" is Gregorio Rega: 31-year-old unemployed of Roccarainola, a town of seven thousand inhabitants in the province of Naples. In 2015, had already tried to break into the world of music through the talent show of Rai, The Voice of Italy 3. Joined our Team Noemi has not had much luck in the program, but – thanks to his coach – has had a lot of tread the stage of various live events (including the concert on the First of May, the Coca-Cola Summer Festival, Front of the Stage, for Radio Italia and Musicultura).

In addition to the prize of 50 thousand Euro, to Gregory, the Rega went on a faux Gold Disc with the logo of the transmission recorded above and the participation as a special guest on a broadcast of R101.

But if Gregory celebrates, the audience is thrilled. And not just for the duration of an exaggerated final (from 21:25 to 01:10 in the night), as opposed to the mysterious presence of Renato Zero-All Together Now.

As already explained, the singer entered at the beginning of the episode to sing a medley of his hits. After the long performance, the singer was dismissed with the presenter and went backstage.

For the entire transmission has been sent in the wave of the shots of Renato Zero, who looked at the continuation of the race by nodding or smiling. Proclaimed the winner, however, Renato Zero is not entered in the studio to congratulate him. No, indeed... the King of Sorcini there was no longer any trace: the transmission was completed without any closed in on the presence in the backstage of the singer.

Probably it was a decoy in order to continue to keep in front of the tv fans of Zero, but it is embarrassing to see that the singer we had no way even to greet the public from home... disappearing mysteriously.

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