All Together Now: that mappazzone music for Michelle Hunziker, and Channel 5!


Published on May 17, 2019


The first season of the Italian "All Together Now" does not own in the best of ways. The musical game show hosted by Michelle Hunziker is presented to the public with a structure typical of the talent show (despite being told as a game, to press) but above all with much, but much, but so much space to the song... maybe too much. Eh yes, because in addition to the performances of the competitors in the race, adding interludes sung by the vip guests of the wall (Boomdabash, Iva Zanicchi, Pucci and Gabriele Cirilli in this first episode) but also further singing performances random 100 of the wall.

But unfortunately for the talented Michelle Hunziker, the flaws do not end here...

We say that the program arrives in Italy after the great success in the United Kingdom, since that is the format All Together Now landed for the first time on tv on the BBC. Nothing new, many other shows come from that territory (see Bake Off Italia or the First Appointment). Definitely the tastes of the viewers, the british are not equal to those in italy but the tv local is always used to re-tailor the show to our tastes. Here... maybe in this case, however, the rehabilitation was not done.

The strength of All Together Now is just that you see enclosed in 60 – 90 minutes, a singing competition that is lean, rhythmic, punctuated, without big gaps, almost à la Eurovision (but without the impressive scenery).

On the contrary, the various interludes staged in the debut of the show, the Italian did not have to lengthen a stock for more than two hours and a half, and merging the regulation of two episodes in one; the two “heats” told by Michelle Hunziker in reality would be two separate bets, in the original version.

The other thing quite inexplicable is how ever in the 100 jurors of the wall to appear incredibly people that have nothing to do with the world of music in a professional environment. Cizo de Hyenas, Valentina Dallari from the Men and Women but also Mark Saved or Antonella, e. masetti (to name a few) can not boast of a knowledge of music and singing equal to the dozens of vocal coaches, singers and professional singers who reside among the six floors of the “condo” All Together Now".

Staying on the cast, Michelle Hunziker remains a mistress of the house is truly impeccable, and able to stay the game in every situation. J-Ax continues to play the role of the young at all costs (in August of turns 47) with jokes and rhetorical figures that had already stewed to the times, The Voice of Italy.

Last note about our competitors: not all proved themselves worthy of the debut. In an episode of the launch, and the talent in the race have to glue the viewers in front of the tv screen (much less for him to understand how the game works). The most interesting parts of the evening were the five that have had easy access to the semifinals: Rosy Messina, Veronica Liberati, Augusta Proces, Daria Biancardi and Antonio Gerardi by spareggione final.

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