All Together Now Giancarlo Genise, J-Ax, Benji and Faith in the wall


Published on Dec 04, 2019


All Together Now Giancarlo Genise, J-Ax, Benji and Faith in the wall. The music and the fun still starring on Channel 5. From Wednesday, 4 December 2019, back in the early evening on the flagship network Mediaset, “All Together Now”. The guidance of the music show, produced by Endemol Shine Italy, Michelle Hunziker, J-Ax, in the guise of the captain of the incredible jury, which consists of 100 characters.

In fact, judging the performance of competitors, chosen by the artistic director and director Roberto Cenci, there is a Human Wall of singers, experts in the world of music and famous faces of the show.

The dreaded jury evaluates and comments at the open microphone and no brakes the presentation, the look, the sympathy, and, of course, the performance singing for aspiring singers. Only those who can inspire and excite the Wall has the opportunity to continue his path to “All Together Now”. Every time a judge stands up and sings, gives its vote to the competitor. Get the highest score, who manages to involve the largest number of judges, and those who reach 100 leads directly to the final.

Specifically, in the Wall of “All Together Now” there are: Donatella, Fernando Proce, sanremo music festival, Simona Bencini, Silvia Mezzanotte, Cizco, Alma Manera, Ronnie Jones, Marco Ligabue, Alessia Fabiani, Melita Toniolo, Ginta, Dj Ben, Timothy Cavicchini, the Ball and Barge, Giancarlo Genise, Surry, Nathalie, Space One, Antonella Lo Coco, Serena Menarini, Mariana Rodriguez, Miriam Della Guardia, Leonardo Monteiro, Ketty Passa, Veronica Rega, Davide Papasidero, Valentina Parisse, Samantha Fantauzzi, Luca Valenti, Marcella Ovani, the Karma B, Morena Marangi, Chiara Canzian, Andrea Cardillo, Elisa Scheffler, Giorgio Vanni, Senhit, Chantal Sisto, Lucya, Sonia'addario, Akira Manera, Mariateresa Amato, Bido Well, Barbara Bonanni, Eleonora Bruno, Luca Buttiglieri, Alessandra Buzzi, Bridget Hunter, Susanna Caira, Benedetta Caretta, Claudia Casciaro, Francesca Ceci, Titti Cerrone, Valeria Colombo, Beatrice De Do, Fabio2U, Mirkaccio, Claudio Di Cicco, Sherrita Duran, LaRomAntica, Jonathan Heitch, Susanna Gecchele, Emma Gordon, Valeria Iaquinto, Mark Iecher, Fabio Ingrosso, Ylenia Iorio, Helium Irace, Veronica Kirchmajer, Joy Freed, Irene The Chef, Davide Locatelli, Maruska Starr, Marc, Mari, Marika Voice, Forlenzo Massarone, Manuel Meli, Gigi Miseferi, Davide Misiano, Marcello Morini, Giorgia Moschini, Ylenia Oliviero, Giulio Pangi, Valeria Spoke, Carlo Piazza, David Pironaci, Ludovica Russo, Sara Sartini, Danila Satragno, Serena Savasta Andrea Scarcella, Valentina Shanti, Melissa Sylla, Sunymao, Alessia Tavian, Isotta Tomazzoni, Marta Tower.

Inevitable great guests: Iva Zanicchi, Anna Tatangelo, Raf and Umberto Tozzi, Benji&Faith, Cristiano Malgioglio, and many others.

Giancarlo, who in these years has followed the great voices of the Italian song, will amaze as in the previous edition, with reviews technical, - fitting-pressing. provocative and with his characteristic dose of unpredictable cynicism.

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