All the details of the new Safari on iOS 12


Published on Jun 11, 2018


Safari on iOS 12 will include several changes, such as a new system of prevention of the tracking of the user, password, advanced auto, auto-completion of safety codes, new extensions and much more. During the session “What's new in Safari and WebKit,” Apple has explored some of these features.

First of all, Apple has explained that Safari is 12 (on both iOS that on the new macOS) blocks the support for the extensions and the Safari Extensions Gallery official. This Gallery is dedicated to extensions of Safari was created by Apple in 2010, to group all the extensions created by third party developers and certified by the company as safe and perfectly compatible, but by the end of the year will be deprecated entirely.

Now, Apple focuses on the Safari Extension Extension Platform introduced with Safari 10. The extensions can be deployed via native apps for Mac, with the facilities more secure and to read. These extensions will have to be distributed through the Mac App Store and all the old extensions will have to be transferred from the Gallery to a native app for Mac by 2019.

Apple has spoken of the improvements in Safari related to the automatic management of passwords. The company says that, by default, the password auto-fill are as much as 20 characters with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens. Web developers, however, can use the attribute “passwordrules” to add additional requirements for the password on their web sites.

Also, Safari 12 includes support that allows developers to add drag and drop functionality, custom on your own Web site, API in full screen on the iPad, models AR with USDZ and support Apple Pay easier with a dedicated API to requests for payment.

Apple has also explained how developers can use responsive design to optimize their websites for Apple Watch:

If you're using the responsive design, we do all the work for you and your web sites will be fine on watchOS. However, if you want to further optimize your Web pages for the Apple Watch, a video is available to design websites for the Apple Watch in app WWDC.

Here you can view the entire session, and Apple's dedicated Safari 12.

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