Published on Nov 02, 2015
December is not far away. On the 2nd of December is not far away and there is one month of arrival (in the comics at the american of the new run of the Devil. After cycles wonderful signed by Mark Waid and drawn (Marvel Now) by Rivera, and then later by Martin and Samnee is now the turn of the new run written by Charles Soule with artwork by a ispiratissimo Ron Garney. What will it be? How will it be structured? It is not the right time, we'll talk about it definitely later on (in due time) before we expect the Italian market to conclude the run of San Francisco. Then? Let's take a look at the cover of the first issue. REGULAR (Ron Garney). – HIP-HOP VARIANT (Alex Maleev) – MARVEL ’92 (Larry Stroman) – VARIANT COVER (Joe Quesada) – ACTION FIGURES (John Tyler Christopher) – COSPLAY VARIANT – VARIANT COVER (by Tim Sale) Do you like it? Your favorite? The next diavolacci!

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