“All of the Apple Watch are defective”: says a class action


Published on Jun 07, 2018


In the last hours has raised another case against Apple, which goes to undermine, according to the spokesperson, the design of all generations of smartwatch Watch.

All models of the Apple Watch – from Series 0 to Series 3, have the same defects that occur in several weeks from the purchase. These saw the display break easily and/or come unstuck from its seat without requiring the user to them alters.

In a few words that says the spokesman of the class action which, through its attorneys, brings forward the collective action that has been filed through the District Court of the USA which oversees the northern district of California.

Additional notes the prosecution's claim that Apple knew even prior to the marketing of devices that were defective and did nothing to change the design after that many users and customers have noticed the problems raised in the class action both in the Series 0, both Series 1, both in the Series 2.

But not only that. The complainant goes on to say that Apple, knowing better, hides the problems that are presented suggesting that it is because of the bad use of the owner and, therefore, not allowing it to go under warranty lavandosene hands.

Moving on to analyse the issue from the point of view of the Cupertino company, the company itself has confirmed the issue of some batches of batteries that you rose in time on Watch Series 0, or the parallel lines on some displays of the 3-Series that is only visible from the off.

All problems are allowed and dealt with under warranty but at the moment, the question of the display detached from the seat have not been taken into consideration by the company.

One possibility could be derived, once again, to the swelling of the internal battery. As we know, the design implies the use of every single millimeter of the inside of the case and a bulge could very well push the display from the inside to the outside.

We will see how to evolve the class action or if Apple will contact the lawyers of the complainant to cooperate in the resolution of the lawsuit impartitagli.

Meanwhile, the prosecution asks that Apple verses 5 million dollars to customers, divided by the people who have subscribed to the class action and have purchased Watch.

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