All inclusive Unlimited doubles for Christmas

Published on Nov 21, 2017

With the arrival of the Christmas period telephone operators launch their offerings up to date by giving “gifts” to users who decide to activate it. It is also the case of Wind that launches “All Inclusive Unlimited” the doubling of the bonus in the promotion without additional costs.

The new All-Inclusive Unlimited includes, the cost remained unchanged at 12 euros every 30 days, the following bonuses:

Very pleased the fact that the duration of the promotion is 30 days and not 28 like (unfortunately) we have been accustomed in these years. The bonus in the offer doubled, but only for a period of 6 months. Then you will have 500 SMS and 5Gb of internet traffic and always keeping the cost of 12€/month.

That is to say, those who choose this offer also buying a Samsung smartphone with the option “telephone” will have their bonuses doubled for 12 months, instead of 6 normal.

Bid comparison Wind with smartphone included

The same offer is available at a cost of 9€/month if you have less than 30 years. Not to be missed!

All inclusive unlimited contains, in the 12€ per month, even the cost of SMS MyWind that warns the user of missed calls, and surfing HotSpot. At the end of the jig in the offer, navigation will be reduced to 12Kbps up to the next renewal.

And’ possible to request the activation directly online using the link below, which will take you directly to the page of Wind. The delivery of the SIM will be done in a day (almost all Italy) and without shipping costs.

If you are already clients of Wind, instead, you can modify your offer by clicking on the “Edit offer”

Active All Inclusive Unlimited

Those who want to contain the cost of the offer can count on the online version of the Unlimited. This will contain unlimited calls to all, 500 SMS and 5 Gb in 4G at a cost of€ 10 every 30 days.

Within the cost, also here, is including SMS MyWind and the Hotspot.

This offer is available for new customers only and, as the name says, can only be activated online. If you buy the offer using PayPal you will receive a charge of 5€ for free.

Active All-Inclusive And Unlimited-Online Edition

What do you think? You will do one of these offers?

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