All crazy for Sirius, the official gentleman who woos Gemma Galgani: she is 70 years old, he is 26


Published on Apr 30, 2020


And’ to be aired today on another episode of Men and Women we would be spared. But thankfully this experiment at the end and by Monday it will return in some way to normal. In any case, it touches us in a comment what happened today. A Pamela Prati with some years more, in the role of Gemma Galgani, has started to get to know a suitor ever seen in real life. This is nothing exceptional; the thing is more intricate because the dude who woos a woman of 70 years, of years, says having 26, then perhaps it has 38...Sirius has a Gem but also to the audience of the lord who follow the program of Channel 5, and in a few minutes, with the charm of an official gentleman, conquers virtually all. And how could it not be so? White uniform of the navy, muscles, passion for animals.

To fan the interest of the Gem, that apparently they justify it by saying to be interested in him because convinced that it is older than what she says, Sirius has also sent a video while wearing the uniform and doing all of his physical sculptural. On social did not go unnoticed by a detail, as you can see from the still image that we chose to open our article. A b-side to scream that caused him to go crazy all the fans of Men and Women to listen.

Gem seems to have appreciated, as it also shows a another still image that we bring here. It will not be a trifle exaggerated this enthusiasm towards a guy that if he really 26 years old, could be his nephew?

On the social there are those who even says that the handsome suitor of the Gem does not exist and that it is inspired by this video

All we can do is wait for the episode of Monday, and the next episodes of the throne over because as revealed to Maria de Filippi, in the anticipations of Men and Women given to Vanity Fair, will soon also the meeting between Gemma and her suitors chat known.

This Sirius will exist really? And what do you want or may want from a woman of 70 years?

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