All about the Zen Circus: from private life to the landing-place at Sanremo in 2019, the curiosity


Published on Feb 02, 2019


Missing now a few weeks to the official beginning of the Festival of Sanremo, 2019, and as ever this year, the cast of competitors in the race is really rich and inclusive: there are historical “samples” of the festival ligure, indie artists, rappers and children's talent show. In the list of the 24 contestants who will take part in the event certainly stands the group of the Zen Circus: the band from the artistic path, certainly much sought after.

On the private life of the components of the Zen Circus know very very little. The band was formed in 1994 by Andrea Appino (frontman and guitarist) and Marcello Bruzzi (called the Skull). The formation of the band has changed several times: the present one consists of the presence of Karim Qqru, Massimiliano Schiavelli (known as Ufo) and Francesco pellegrino.

Where did the name Zen Circus? The conception of the name of the band is rather articulated: according to the statements of the founders, the name is taken from a sort of mash-up between “Zen Arcade” and “Metal Circus”, titles of two songs published by Hüsker Dü.

Another little curiosity that is common to the band is their means of transportation that they use to make their tour. Many bands are accustomed to use the means of traditional land (trains or automobiles) others, however, fly in the air. The Zen Circus have sworn fidelity to their camper which was also given a name: In. The campers “counted” in their latest interview, it seems, was dated 1978!

For their participation to Sanremo 2019, the Zen Circus promise sparks: on their profile Instagram (followed by over 54 thousand followers) have declared for the evening of duets, will descend on the stage of the Ariston theater alongside of Brunos sas and they will sing a song that has the chorus (and that according to them is a thing that has never happened before in the 69 years of the festival ligure).

There are many collaborations that the band can boast: the band Perturbation, Nada, Brian Ritchie, the Ministers, the Line 77, and with Manuel Agnelli of Afterhours. On the career of the Zen Circus was even made a documentary available on YouTube from the march 2, 2011. Although they are often recognized as a band of niche (indie), Appino and its members can flaunt the victory of numerous awards including Best Italian Tour: won in 2010 and assigned to P. I. M. I. (Italian Prize Independent Music) thanks to the 110 date tour, titled “Go all affanc*”.

The evening of duets, the Zen Circus will be in the race at the Sanremo Festival in 2019 with the song “love is a dictatorship”.

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