All about Rosa Diletta Rossi: from the beginnings to the new fiction Black Half


Published on Nov 22, 2018


Never as in recent years we talk about the generational change among the faces of the cinema and of Italian fiction. By Alessandra Mastronardi in Lino Guanciale, by Giuseppe Zeno to Alessandro tersigni tondinelli; more and more insistently we hear also of Rosa Diletta Rossi: a young actress who, with respect to its age, has a artistic curriculum, really enviable. In these weeks, there are plenty of viewers of Rai Uno that are appreciating one of the protagonists of the serial crime Black Half. But where have we already seen?

The private life of Rosa Diletta Rossi really knows very little. The young is born in Rome on the 18th of October 1988, is in the Balance, and has repeatedly explained that he had a childhood. Until immediately begins on personal training in the sacred art of acting: through small classes and workshops in Turin and Genoa, where he has the chance to get in the game with the characters of theatrical works, like Joan Of Arc and William Shakespeare's Hamlet. In 2004 he began work for his first theatre company, the Little Company directed by R. Gandini.

Made to the proper formation, Rosa Diletta Rossi started her career as a professional actress. And already since 2001, in works such as The Purgatory of Dante Alighieri, together with the late Giorgio Albertazzi, The Story of the little Girl, the Invisible, The hour of the Devil, and The Adventures of Pinocchio. The last visits to the theatre made the Dinner, Armenian in 2005. Then, surprise, the landing on the big screen.

Hardened by the theatre, Rosa Diletta Rossi was later found to work for the cinema. She debuted on the big screen in 2011 with the film the Main and the house of happiness; a film that gives way to a chain of new jobs: in 2014, arrives again at the cinema in the film, Pasolini, and in 2017 in Lucky, directed by Castellitto. In 2018 is the protagonist in the Prophecy of The Armadillo: a film inspired by a book of the cartoonist Zerocalcare.

But in the meantime, Rosa Diletta Rossi was not to be left rocked by the success of the big screen, so as to have willingly accepted large and small roles for tv series and dramas homegrown. In 2011, we have seen among the ranks of interpreters of Don Matteo and the Team Antimafia; and then again The Restorer 2 and God Help Us 2.

2017 for Rosa Diletta Rossi is a year after why – always-for-tv – takes part of a series by the acclaimed success: Sisters, Our Love of the 80's and the Suburra – The Series. Always to stay in theme, crime, today we see alongside Claudio Amendola in Black in the Middle where he plays the role of Dawn: a medico-legal as well as the daughter of the protagonist.

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