All about Milena Vukotic: from private life to Dancing with the Stars 2019


Published on Mar 24, 2019


Dancing with the Stars 2019 is about to begin and the competitors vip you are preparing together with their masters to tread the stage of the Auditorium to the Foro Italico in Rome. In this regard, there are many celebrities that Milly Carlucci has rescued from the world of the Italian fiction: beyond the Manuela Arcuri and Ettore Bassi and Angelo Russo, there is also Milena Vukotic, the unforgotten Grandmother Enrica de A Doctor in the Family, as well as the Pina in the saga of the movie Fantozzi (the character played by Paolo Villaggio). It will therefore be very interesting to see her on the runway Dancing with the stars. It will be as whimsical as the other actresses that have preceded or will conquer immediately the affection of the audience at home?

Let's discover something more about the private life of Milena Vukotic waiting to see her in the arms of Simone Di Pasquale on Dancing with the Stars 2019...

Milena Vukotic was born in Rome on April 23, 1935; this year will be 84 years old. The parents both worked in the entertainment world: her father was a playwright, his mother a pianist. Also Milena Vukotic was influenced by the air of art that is breathed in the house: from early childhood, has been dedicated to the dance and acting, in Italy but also in France.

After an important experience at the Grand Ballet du Marquis de Cuevas, the woman has decided to pursue with confidence the career of the actress. A decision that the rewards seen by the numerous films in which he starred in his long career: among the film, tv movie, tv series, and short and medium-length films, it is estimated that Milena Vukotic has taken part in about 140 films different.

So many roles, but also many words of appreciation: - a candidate three times for the David di Donatello awards and four times in the Nastri D'argento; also won one in 1994 for Best supporting actress with the movie “Fantozzi in Paradiso”. And in 2007, he received the Ciak D'oro Award for the Career.

Speaking of her private life, Milena Vukotic is happily married for 16 years with Alfredo Baldi: a scholar as well as author of numerous publication of film criticism. The man has eight years less than his wife. The Vukotic, also, has no children.

The roles that have made it famous to the italians are definitely the one of Grandma Enrica in the beloved tv series for Rai Uno, A Doctor in the Family but also that of Pina, the wife of the accountant Ugo Fantozzi in the eponymous film series. But both sagas are now complete, and the talented Milena Vukotic now back on tv to the court of Milly Carlucci in the edition 2019 Dancing with the Stars. Will he triumph? We remind you that the first episode of Dancing with the stars will go on the air march 30, 2019.

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