All about Marco Leonardi: from webstar Dancing with the Stars 2019


Published on Mar 24, 2019


Dancing with the Stars 2019 is about to begin and the competitors vip are preparing for the best to tread the stage of the Auditorium to the Foro Italico in Rome. In this regard, in addition to the classic celebrities this year, Milly Carlucci has been put in the cast personality made famous by the social network: one of these is Marco Leonardi, a young youtuber that with his heartbreaking story has also conquered the libraries. In these days, Milly Carlucci has been the host of many programmes broadcast on the Rai Channels to announce the official cast of the program. And from the living room of Italian Stories received the confirmation regarding the presence of a very young Marco in the cast of Dancing 2019.

Let's discover something more about the private life of Marco Leonardi waiting to see him on the track of Dancing with the Stars 2019.

Marco Leonardi was born on 8 October 2001, at Catania, in Sicily; this year will make 18 years. The guy comes out on the web in 2015, first with a YouTube channel and later with other social media profiles. Initially, his presence in the network is almost completely snubbed; and only in 2016 will begin to gain popularity and to attend other celebrities of the network.

But his video tongue-in-cheek on the adolescent life, in reality, hide a secret that had been kept in the dark for a long time. In April of 2013, in fact, his father Francesco Leonardi (frank said Banana) was arrested and then sentenced to eight years in prison for mafia association as part of operation White Flowers.

The view of the magnificent of the young was reduced in the piece: he, his mother, Marinella, and his older brother Manuel end up living an unhappy period made, especially by the various economic difficulties which grieve the family. A problem that will go away via declining since, the report of the same boy, with his earnings from the webstar is able to maintain the family.

The success of Marco Leonardi collecting among the young is such that you can even suggest to write a book about his life of sixteen-year-old entitled “The web took me from the road.”

Today, Marco Leonardi is the boyfriend of the young roman actress Eleonora Gaggero. Despite his young age, he already has some tattoos: to be precise, two on the right forearm.

After being a guest in an episode of the X Factor, the young man said in his vlog that would love to do television; a statement which, evidently, Milly Carlucci is not made to repeat a second time: Mark Leonardì is in the cast of Dancing with the Stars 2019 along with a new dancer Mia Gabusi. Please note that the 14th edition of Dancing with the stars will start on march 30, 2019.

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