All about Manuela Arcuri: from private life to Dancing with the Stars 2019


Published on Mar 28, 2019


Dancing with the Stars 2019 is a stone's throw away and the competitors vip you are preparing to tread the stage of the Auditorium to the Foro Italico in Rome, together with their respective masters. And precisely in this regard, there are many celebrities that Milly Carlucci has rescued from the world of the Italian fiction: in addition to Ettore Bassi, Angelo Russo, and Milena Vukotic, we can not forget the queen of fiction Mediaset alias Manuela Arcuri.

But what do we know of a life of Manuela Arcuri? What curiosity do we know about his account? Let's find out in this article...The beautiful actress was seen just recently on tv, following the birth of her first child, in fact he preferred to devote themselves to him and to the family, but with his participation in Dancing with the stars 2019, ready to start over and get back in the game, in all senses!

Manuela Arcuri was born in Anagni, a small town in the province of Frosinone) on 8 January 1977; this year the beautiful actress turned 42 years old. Despite being born in the region of Lazio, the woman has parents of two different origins: the father is a native of the province of Crotone and the mother is bell, of Avellino, to be exact. He has an older brother, Sergio Arcuri, who was three years older than her.

Graduated from art school, Manuela Arcuri has felt from the beginning his attraction to the world of acting, after school, in fact, the woman enrolled at the School of Dramatic Arts Peter Scharoff of Rome, completing his course of studies in 1997. His artistic career, however, comes even earlier: already in 15 years he begins to pose for some photo stories, and in 1994 the pose even for a photo shoot in the nude.

In the course of his career have been numerous films and television serials in which he has taken part on the Mediaset networks: the most famous is certainly the saga of the Police, without forgetting Catherine and Her Daughters, Honor and Respect, The Sin and the Shame, Pupetta – the courage and The passion and the Beauty of The Women.

Her love life has often been the objects of gossip: Manuela Arcuri revealed to have had an affair with his colleague Gabriel Garko but, talking about feelings, his first true love was the soccer player Francesco Coco who was born on the same day, month and year of the actress. Since 2010, instead, is engaged with the entrepreneur Giovanni Di Gianfrancesco, with whom he had a son named Mattia (born on 8 may 2014).

With the maternity, Manuela Arcuri said he didn't want to role-playing and sexy, waiting to see her engaged in a new character, the actress salt in 2019 on the track of Dancing with the Stars along with the young master Luca Favilla.

Then the march 30, 2019, with the first episode of Dancing with the stars 2019.

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