All about John Ciacci: from private life to friends vip. In Dancing with the stars dancing with Raimondo Todaro


Published on Mar 01, 2018


John Ciacci, the protagonist of Dancing with the stars 2018 with a surprise! The next edition of Dancing with the Stars is now at the door and the wait begins to be felt, together with the countdown of days missing, which proceeds at the same pace with which the names of the contestants of the show have so far been released, one by one. One of the more chats revelations is without any doubt one of John Ciacci, that, for the first time, even if perhaps only on the occasion of the initial bets, will tread the stage of the lucky programme broadcast in the early evening on Rai 1 in the company of a man. For the accuracy, alongside Raimondo Todaro, the dancer of the sicilian, who was photographed with Ciacci during a break in between a training session and the other.

In reality, around the participation of Ciacci somehow there is a sort of mystery. In fact, it seems that the companion should not be Raimondo Todaro, but another dancer who, however, is left to go on the social to of the comments that have been misunderstood. When Milly Carlucci has announced the presence of Giovanni Ciacci to Dancing, many journalists have understood that he would have danced with a man, and, in some way, they also talked about the gay couple. The dancer that was doing the tests with Ciacci, however, wrote on social not to be homosexual, using perhaps the wrong words. And at the end at the side of Ciacci there will be, instead, a sicilian doc, who loves the challenges: after Platinette, Todaro comes Ciacci.

But who is John Ciacci? We know the best and the first contestant of Dancing with the stars 2018 from private life to a career made of great successes.

GIOVANNI CIACCI AGE, HOW old is The ASPIRING DANCER? Born in 1971, today, Giovanni Ciacci, has 47 years; is of tuscan origin (in particular of Siena), Giovanni Ciacci is a stylist and expert on trends and gossip that has been able to get way with success among the celebrities of the small screen.
Of him we know that he lives on the permanent staff in Rome, but does not seem to be circulating more information about his private life and, above all, sentimental, Ciacci houses with privacy, away from the limelight. Today Ciacci is especially famous for its participation in the container program, afternoon Said and Done, broadcasted on Rai 2 and conducted by Catherine Balivo. In this home, Giò Giò, as well as keep the address books of gossip about star and celebrity, works to revolutionize the look and outfits of ordinary women to make them stylish and casual as the divas from the red carpet.

ALL of THE VIP FRIENDS OF JOHN CIACCI-in Addition to this, committed with dedication in the care of the image of actresses and show girl. Asia Argento, Romina Power, Antonella Clerici and Francesca Neri are just few of the names that owe their appearance fashion and valued in detail to the advice of John Ciacci, whose muse undisputed, which he defines as “Different”, is Valeria Marini. And he is a devoted fan of Raffaella Carrà and a great friend of Barbara D'urso, in addition to Carlo Conti, his fellow: in his youth, Ciacci attended the nightclub where the now famous conductor was the DJ.

He is active in collaborations with photographers and directors from the cry, multiple experiences as a costume designer for the Festival of Sanremo, the Ugly Duckling, the Scalpel and the Train of Desires, along with several books that were released, respectively, in 2014 and 2017. The first, entitled the Divine, is in part an autobiographical account and, in part, a guide full of advice and tips for those looking for a look that is sophisticated and able to leave the sign. The second was made with the collaboration of Pinella Passaro, and as the title suggests (The veil is the bride) is a sort of decalogue of things to do and not to do, to wear and not to wear on the occasion of the great event. Finally, the last but not the least, entitled a Beard and Mustache, passes in review the curiosities, fashions and tips for the care of the masculine look.

Very popular on the social (his profile Instagram, in particular, has a population of over one hundred thousand followers, with whom it interacts willingly), Ciacci constitutes, also thanks to its style a bit whimsical, a ammiratissima gay icon. His dreams in the drawer, to dress up the famous star from overseas, including Barbra Straisand.

At the time Ciacci should be single. He has spoken in the past of his relationships, in particular, explaining the reasons for which he has written a book on the beard and on the mustache explained that this passion is born from an encounter, from a man who has loved in the past.Talking about the choice of the theme of this free, in fact, he explains, in his interview to the Gay.en: ” All the fault, or merit, of my first boyfriend! A man very famous, which I shared, along with another man. I figured that I didn't even know to hold a razor blade in hand! I can only say that working in the fashion world! Now, the other, the judge in the court in a very popular program. Our was definitely not a story at three! I say this to avoid misunderstandings. Both, however, both I ‘the judge’, we knew that our boyfriend would share between our houses.”

Who will be this famous ex with the beard. Looking at the counter of the Dancing with the stars, you think of someone?

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