All about Ghemon: from private life to the arrival on stage of the Sanremo 2019, all the curiosity


Published on Jan 22, 2019


Missing now a few weeks to the official beginning of the Festival of Sanremo, 2019, and as ever this year, the cast of competitors in the race is really rich and inclusive: there are historical “samples” of the festival ligure, indie artists, rappers and children's talent show. In the list of the 24 contestants who will take part in the event certainly stands out the name of Ghemon: a multi-talented artist, who in the last year he has conquered the hip hop scene in the national.

Ghemon – born Giovanni Luca Picariello was born in Avellino on the 1st April 1982; this year, the singer turns 37-years-old. The artist enjoys, definitely less popularity as compared to the other artists competing in the upcoming celebration of the Festival of Sanremo 2019 but, on the contrary, can be said to be very known in the hip-hop where he had lots of collaborations.

But from where comes this name of art? The name Ghemon if he buckled from just because John says he was always fascinated by the famous samurai in the animated series Lupin III: a thief by the infallible katana but balances this power with a character that is very mild.

He graduated in Law from the LUISS university of Rome, Ghemon has revealed she's suffered from depression: a disease that was diagnosed around 30 years and have to say, completely passed thanks to the advice and treatment that they had recommended to the doctors.

In spite of Ghemon you really know little of his private life – on its social reveals very little, almost nothing, we know that the artist is the boyfriend of a certain Julia, an old friend who in turn reciprocated his feelings. In the past, however, Ghemon said to have had a relationship with a famous actress who, however, has never wanted to reveal: in his book biographical the call with the name of Mary, but seems, of course, that is only a name of a fallback.

In addition to the depression, the singer was overweight: weighing about 100 pounds but, fortunately, with a diet the most cared for had to lose over 30. If today appears in the form in the photo is not of course thanks to Photoshop. This remodeling of the body has led to some changes look, to say it in the manner of Said and Done: blond, dark, hair long and then shaved to zero... in short, has done all the colors.

But this passion for the look Ghemon if the door, even with a special accessory: shoes. The singer seems to be obsessed with shoes: in an interview, he is revealed to possess a collection of over 500 pairs of shoes. Stuff the envy of Chiara Ferragni!

After many collaborations in the indie and underground, this year Ghemon try the card Sanremo 2019 to try to establish themselves in the recording market, the traditional with the song “Rose violet”. Will he succeed?

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