All about Federica Paper and Shade: from private life to the landing-place at Sanremo in 2019, the curiosity


Published on Jan 27, 2019


Missing now a few weeks to the official beginning of the Festival of Sanremo, 2019, and as ever this year, the cast of competitors in the race is really rich and inclusive: there are historical “samples” of the festival ligure, indie artists, rappers and children's talent show. In the list of the 24 contestants who will take part in the event certainly stands out to the couple formed by Federica and Paper Shade: two competitors, two talent shows are different, that they sing two different genres, but who have joined forces to for of featuring the very popular.

Federica is a Paper born in Rome on January 10, 1999; this year he celebrates 20 years. Shade – born Vito Ventura was born in Turin on December 10, 1987 and this year will make 32 years.

Both are linked by the important television experience: took part in a talent show. Federica Paper has participated in Friends of Maria De Filippi reaching the stage of the Evening; Vito Shade, instead, she's taken part (and won) a talent show a bit more niche: MTV Spit, a race between a rapper that aired on the eponymous former music network of the VIACOM group.

The artistic partnership between the two singers officially on the 17th of November 2017: the two singers landed on the music market with a featuring entitled “Unreachable”, which is then certified three times platinum. After this resounding success we try again, in June 2018, with “Love at first Insta”.

Another little curiosity that is common to the two singers is that both of them are the tv hosts. Strange to say, but there it is: Federica Paper and Shade are the hosts of two tv programs produced by Rai Gulp. Federica Paper leads Top Music: a kind of Top of the Pops in the salsa youth where the singer lists and launches the ranking of the individual have come in Italy. Shade, however, presents Gulp Music: a program in which they interviewed various famous singers through the questions proposed by the young viewers of the channel.

Shade should be boyfriend: his wife is called Gaia, an architect who also takes care of make-up. In a past interview he stated to have known it first on Facebook and then to an appointment went pretty bad: the rapper was presented to the meeting place with over an hour delay, leaving his beloved in the rain...

In the summer of 2017, Federica Paper is to describe how the boyfriend singer Michele Perniola: he also a former competitor of Friends, but above all a former competitor of Ti Lascio una Canzone and the historic national representative to the Eurovision Song Contest for the Republic of San Marino.

The vicissitudes of love, Shade and Federica Paper will tread together on the stage of the Teatro Ariston next February: the track for the race at the Sanremo Festival in 2019 is “Unreachable”.

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