All about Enrico Nigiotti: from private life to return to Sanremo 2019, all the curiosity


Published on Jan 27, 2019


Missing now a few weeks to the official beginning of the Festival of Sanremo, 2019, and as ever this year, the cast of competitors in the race is really rich and inclusive: there are historical “samples” of the festival ligure, indie artists, rappers and children's talent show. In the list of the 24 contestants who will take part in the event certainly stands out the name of Enrico Nigiotti: the livorno-born artist who twice attempted the paper of the talent show to boost its presence in the record industry. Let's discover something more about him, what you know about the private life of Enrico Nigiotti? Here some news about the singer!

Enrico Nigiotti was born in Livorno on June 11, 1987; this year will make 32 years. His passion for music was born in the family: from an early age cultivated the passion for the blues thanks to his father Stefano. At 13 he began to play the guitar, and in 2008 it is producing in a single Sugar Music by Caterina Caselli. His first success, however, comes in the year after the participation in the talent Friends: here accomplishes the act crazy to quit the race in the stage of the evening to give to his girlfriend of the time, Elena D'amario, to continue the race with one less opponent.

The love affair with the dancer continues for a few months. In the summer of 2010, the two separate, and officially separated: she flees to the United States to pursue his professional dream. But not bad for Enrico Nigiotti: the young person will meet on his path to a new you, Julia Diana: a psychologist with the passion of the dance.

After a project is not really successful in the recording label of Mara Maionchi, in 2015 Enrico Nigiotti create a stir on the web with the video for the single “Now that is not late”: the video clip is in black-and-white, the singer strips off staying totally nude. To censurarlo there, where the sun beats is a classical guitar. At the end of the video, the guy turns back...

But even this ploy seems not to have been very influential to his career revitalization. In 2017, presents itself at the casting of X Factor, look at the case, in the edition in which it returns in the jury's own Mara Maionchi.

Despite being new to participate as a competitor in the Big, in this case we can speak of a return to the Festival of Sanremo 2019 for Enrico Nigiotti: in fact, the guy has already graced the stage of the Ariston Theatre in 2018 during the evening of duets; the Italian was the star guest during the performance by The Kolors. In February we'll see him at work in solitary with the song, “Grandfather's Hollywood”, a piece inspired by his sibling.

Right to the regard of relatives, Enrico Nigiotti is usually to tie a foular red guitar as a memory of her grandmother – the Lady to whom she was particularly fond of it. The last curiosity is about his tattoos: he has many, and the singer swears that each of them refers to a memory of his life; among the many, it is even tattooed a hobbyhorse that brings to mind his childhood.

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