All about Daniele Silvestri: from private life to return to Sanremo 2019, all the curiosity


Published on Jan 19, 2019


Missing now a few weeks to the official beginning of the Festival of Sanremo, 2019, and as ever this year, the cast of competitors in the race is really rich and inclusive: there are historical “samples” of the festival ligure, indie artists, rappers and children's talent show. In the list of the 24 contestants who will take part in the event certainly stands out the name of Daniele Silvestri: the singer that we all remember the catchphrase “go up”, but whose artistic career began under the table several years before.But what do we know of him and of his private life? Today we want to talk about Daniele Silvestri analyzing his life under a different lens, not only for his achievements but also for other aspects of his life!

Daniele Silvestri was born in Rome, 18 August 1968. He has two sons: Pablo Alberto and Santiago, Ramon, born respectively in 2002 and in 2003 from the relationship with the actress to Team anti-Mafia Simona Cavallari. This relationship, however, lasts for only nine years (from 2000 to 2009) and in 2012 he married another actress, Lisa Lelli, with which, as a result, in 2014, will have a third child.

We are used to think that the music career of Daniele Silvestri went from “go up”, a song that he dedicated to the success during the ill-fated participation in the Sanremo Festival 2002 (where he was incredibly fourteenth); in fact, the artistic path of Daniele Silvestri was already started several years ago.

In 1996, signing the soundtrack of the movie Cuori al Verde and the spectacle of the theatrical Repertoire of the Crazy of the City of Palermo. In her band there is also a suspicion Max Gazzè (who then will return in his artistic career). Silvestri takes to heart the world of the theater and reinvents himself by actor: in 1997, she appeared alongside of Rocco Papaleo and, in the same year, in another theater of Tullio Solenghi. In the meantime, after not having won the New Proposals in 1994 – we try again in the big Sanremo 1999: here, too, the conquest only the Prize of the Critics. But we try again, in 2002, that's right, “go up”: for the umpteenth time, the result of the ranking does not reward the singer, but – thanks to the fun setting the scene – the song becomes the smash hit of that summer.

From that moment on, Daniele Silvestri enters the gotha of the Italian pop music and continues to compose film soundtracks for the Immature – The trip, my class, Viva l Italia, and Notturno bus (thanks to this last film, Silvestri wins even a David di Donatello for best original soundtrack).

Daniele Silvestri also becomes a gay icon in 2007 his song “Gino and the Alfetta” is adopted by the organization of the Gay Pride of Rome as the official anthem of the parade that year. And not to miss anything, in 2009, published a song entitled “The emperor Tiberius” where a critique of the work of Silvio Berlusconi. Of the rest, Daniele Silvestri said to be a “communist” but, at the same time, not to love the labels.

In 2014, filming an important artistic partnership with Niccolò Fabi e Max Gazzè, forming an unusual trio Fabi Silvestri Gazzè. This training remains in effect until 2016. Now Daniele Silvestri is ready to walk alone... to the Ariston Theatre.

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