All about Antonio Rockets: from private life to Dancing with the Stars 2019


Published on Mar 17, 2019


Dancing with the Stars 2019 is about to begin and the competitors vip are preparing for the best to tread the stage of the Auditorium to the Foro Italico in Rome. In this regard, there are many celebrities that will discuss the audience and the jury: among these there is definitely Antonio Rockets, the former Senator of the Republic.

Let's discover something more about his private life waiting to see him tripping on Dancing with the stars 2019. What surprises will give us the most irreverent politician of the last parliamentary term? There will surely of the beautiful...

Antonio Rockets, was born in Giuliano Teatino the February 22, 1948; this year he turned 71 years old. His is a story made up especially of emigration. Born in the small town of abruzzo, already cited, the man escapes in Switzerland, to the coming of age (in 1965): you moved in the Canton of Lucerne, where he worked as a laborer in a textile company. In the city begins to make its way up to fill the role of president of the Federation of immigrants from abruzzo in Switzerland and starts a family.

Married to Leon in 1974 with Maria Jesús Fernàndez: a woman of Spanish origin, she also emigrated in the Canton to seek their fortune. With you, Antonio Rockets had two children.

In the year 2000, the man feels the need to return to breathe the air of the house and decide to apply: before it will do to the policies of 2006 with The Italy of Values party, Antonio Di Pietro), and then to the policies of 2008. The man candida always in the Constituencies Abroad, and wins regularly. The same Rockets in the future will reveal to The world that the votes cast abroad at the time, were driven through the fraud organised by the corporation and local unions.

In 2010, he made the so-called jump of the quail: from the Left Di Pietro, Antonio Rockets goes to the centre-Right coming to vote against the distrust of Silvio Berlusconi. And in 2013, he landed The People of Freedom of Silvio Berlusconi; in this new formation, is immediately elected Senator to the Policies of the 2013 in the list of Abruzzo. From here begin his first interviews and the first public appearances: a boon for Maurizio Crozza, which will inspire him to a parody that will explode after a few days on the web. Despite himself, Antonio Rockets becomes the character of the moment.

And so they also all of the disputes on his account: criminal proceedings for misappropriation (2009), and corruption (in 2015). But the narrative that most surrounds the image of Antonio Rockets in the newspapers is the fact of his sympathy for North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-un.

His last term as Senator ended in march 2018, and the rediviva Forza Italia do not recall more. Antonio Rockets, remains without a party but not to give up: a few months later, he became actor-host for the satirical program of Channel Nine Rockets Your and in 2019 is in the cast of Dancing with the Stars.

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