ALIVE presents the first smartphone with a fingerprint reader located below the display based on technology from Qualcomm


Published on Jun 28, 2017


Vivo is officially the first manufacturer to have created a smartphone with a fingerprint reader placed under the screen. Apple, therefore, was anticipated, and this beautiful video clip will remain in the history.

As we had already anticipated a few days ago, today I LIVE at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, presented the first smartphones that includes a fingerprint reader below the screen. This novelty, which we find on the iPhone 8, is based on the technology of Qualcomm.

It is the first time that a smartphone manufacturer demonstrates the correct operation of a TouchID integrated into the display. Among other things, this device also boasts a display without a frame, a body unibody and water-resistance.

For years, Android devices have had to adapt to the fingerprint reader within the key square, or in the back of the device not being able to copy the Home button, the round of the iPhone, covered by the patent. Now on the other hand, the smartphone may really be devoid of buttons because the imprint can be read directly on the screen. This opens up a world of new possibilities in regard to the design of the smartphone. In addition, the player works perfectly, even with wet hands and then turns out to be even better than the TouchID of the iPhone.

Qualcomm has commented with great joy to this result. The company will sell the sensor to a variety of manufacturers that can suit the design of the smartphone without the limitations. The reader Qualcomm fails to read the fingerprint through the display OLED up to 1200um. The sale of the sensor to outside producers will begin this month and the first smartphones with this technology will arrive in the first half of 2018.

Apple is in a tough legal battle with Qualcomm. The iPhone 8 should have the same technology as far as the TouchID, but probably Apple came alone to this result, without reference to the Qualcomm or other companies. Of course we will not discover anything about it until September.


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