Alita, relationship with yukito tsukihiro Kishiro comments on the film


Published on Aug 12, 2018


The official web site of the japanese Alita: Angel of the Battle, the live action film of Robert Rodriguez stretch from the original manga Battle Angel Alita (GUNMM) of relationship with yukito tsukihiro Kishiro, has published the comments of the author of the manga to the most recent trailer of the film spread at the end of July.

The master Kishiro said that he was initially surprised by the large eyes of Alita, but after he saw the sequences he immediately stopped us case; when it Breathes wet during the exploration of the space ship submerged he started to think “Cute!”, and believe that all will end soon with appreciate the choice.

The author has praised the representation of the translucent bodies of the cyborg, the mechanisms are processed and the impressive amount of information present in the long fields of Iron City; when he saw the high quality rendering of what he wanted to express in the original manga, and in the illustrations, but that he could not do, he thought with a hint of jealousy, “Thank you! This is the video that I wanted to see 30 years ago!”.

Set in the 26th century, Alita (Rosa Salazar) is a cyborg who is discovered in a junk yard by dr. Daisuke Ido (Christoph Waltz). Without any memory of his previous life, except for the incredible training in the martial arts stored by her body, Alita becomes a ruthless bounty hunter on the trail of the worst criminals in the world.

In Italy, Battle Angel Alita, Alita Last Order Alita Mars Chronicle is published by Planet Manga, the publishing house of modena has announced the German Edition of the original series to accompany the readers in the cinemas.

Source: ANN

Alita, relationship with yukito tsukihiro Kishiro says the film is




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