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Published on Mar 13, 2019


The publishing history is tied to the xenomorph is full of comic books and the authors who have lent their creativity to one of the great figures of science fiction and horror films. The operation of Saldapress with the first volume dedicated to the Great Masters of the Aliens want to join those little stories with a particular figure of authorship, and creative experiments that deserve to be part of an issue of prestige.

Are eight the two stories presented in this volume, most of which are articulated in a few pages, but by the quality of the graphics and the narrative remarkable. “Alchemy” focuses on the agent Kartha, the protagonist of a story in which a lord it is a sect of preachers, who seem to have taken the xenomorph for a sort of angel punisher. “Alien” has as its protagonists Suom and Shius, the two heads of the warriors of a tribe of aliens who struggle to free their planet from the presence of the xenomorph. “Earth Angel” is the story of the greater importance of the volume, since it is designed and written by John Byrne, one of the cartoonists, the most important, and a key figure in both the publishing history of Superman and the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. The story of Byrne has the flavor of the Silver Age, and focuses on an american town of the province, is shaken by the arrival of an alien in the womb of a xenomorph.

More experimental are the latest stories: “Boundary Lines”, “45 Seconds”, “the Hunters of Heads” (with art by Gene Colan) and “the Raiders“. The whole point is to constitute an anthology that is capable of delighting the most demanding fan, looking for goodies and stories, the most sought after dedicated to the creation of Ridley Scott.

There are various experiments, especially the graphs, in the various stories of Aliens the Great Masters: “the Raiders”, for instance, has a technique of drawing and colouring only, and the tables are reproduced directly on the canvas. A graphic experiment brave and the bold, but very striking. Also interesting is the “45 Seconds“, the story in black and white that tells just the 45 seconds prior to an explosion, in which is involved a xenomorph.

From the co-creator of The Mask by John Arcudi, the icon of the fantasy Simon Bisley, Richard Corben, until you get to the most prestigious names of Gene Colan and John Byrne, Aliens the Great Masters offers a collection of stories of excellent quality, narrative, and graphic experiments.

The excellent work that Saldapress is doing with the american publications of Dark Horse Comics about Aliens and the universe dedicated to the xenomorph you note, apart from the regular expenses of stapled, also for these operations, the restoration of old treasures in his works. Clearly the symbols greater than this are represented by the volumes dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the publishing history of the Alien, but the Great Masters is another step forward, and expresses the intention to recover all the knowledge of the Alien Universe, offering it under the best placement possible.

Only a few of the names featured in this volume are enough to make your mouth water all the fans of xenomorfi and american comics. The first volume of Aliens the Great Masters is the beginning of a recovery operation of so many goodies comics that are worthy of publication in Italy. But, at the same time, it is also a promise: it is in fact just the beginning of a careful and scrupulous that aims to strengthen the link between authorship and the creative universe of the xenomorph. In short, a wedding invitation to all the fans.

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