Aliens: Dead Orbit, Dark Horse and Fox announce a new comic book

Published on Oct 14, 2016

Upon arrival a mini-series of four numbers signed James Stokoe

Deep space, the unknown and unexplored, called Dark Horse and it responds with Aliens: Dead Orbit.

Returning to the origins of the myth, a slogan, more than suitable for the occasion, the creator of Orc Stain, James Stokoe, back precisely to Alien with this mini-series that will be launched by Dark Horse, on the 26th of April 2017.

As reported on Comic Book Resources, the comic focuses on an engineer named Wascylewsk that has to deal with the invasion of xenomorfi on a space station, the Sphacteria, in a forgotten industry of the galaxy.

The same Stokoe presents to us his “creature”:

Dead Orbit is set for a good part on the space station Sphacteria, in an area forgotten and isolated space. Installation is a rather battered, dilapidated and xenomorfi are not come to give a hand to the crew, then we say that play their role as the antagonists and monsters are unpredictable in the best ways possible.

As I see them, the aliens are not creatures quite sinister: they're simply part of a cycle, predator-prey, very violent. If you are a human and understood on their journey, the worse for you. I have found that the best stories of Aliens have a plot is very simple, focusing a lot on the atmosphere and on the visual impact, so this is my goal.

The first tables in the preview, we show detailed drawings and meticulously finished, typical of the style of Stokoe. As he himself declared, in fact, its greatest interest has been consistently directed more to the atmosphere of the comic book to the plot itself.

When I started thinking about the storyline, I reviewed the first two films of the Alien taking notes in a way that you can understand what I had really liked the movie and how to be able to develop some of the ideas in the comic.

On April 26, 2017 seems far away, we can't wait to get our hands on Aliens: Dead Orbit.

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