Aliens: a board game based on the cult movie by James Cameron

Published on Feb 23, 2018

While much of our desire to do the c** * or E. T. will probably find satisfaction with the arrival of Nemesis on our tables from the game, Gale Force Nine, the game studio that made a certain reputation thanks to the realization of a variety of table games based on movies and tv series, has announced the arrival of a new title based on Aliens, the cult movie by James Cameron in 1986.

At the moment, information about it are still few and vague, but we know that it will be a cooperative game, whose title is simply the Aliens, and that will see us engaged in combating the threat xenomorfa thanks to a group of Marine Colonial (all rigorously represented with the thumbnail).

Here are the first images of the game:

Sept 2018 will see @GaleForceNine release Aliens, minis-filled co-op board game in which you're marines hunting xenomorphs. —WEM

— BoardGameGeek (@BoardGameGeek) February 19, 2018

Aliens will arrive on store shelves across the atlantic next September, and, although it contains many thumbnails, the price has been set at $50.

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