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Published on Oct 08, 2019


This is the register that many expected. The chance to finally see transposed the screenplay by William Gibson is dedicated to the third chapter in the film Alien, it was one of those goodies in science fiction movies that the fans couldn't wait to taste.

And this mini-cycle of narrative opens up a rather intriguing. In contrast to what was seen in Alien3 at the cinema, in comics is Ripley, and Newt that Hicks survived within the USS Sulaco. Clearly with them also came the xenomorph. This first book dedicated to the story written by William Gibson, will introduce the arrival of the protagonists of the human (were intercepted by the Union of the Peoples Progressives).

As you might already know fans of stories and science fiction, William Gibson is the author of Neuromancer, the novel that has revolutionized the cyberpunk. The fact that during the processing of the third chapter of the Alien in 1987, it was proposed to work on the screenplay of the film, could that be a reason for exaltation among all fans of the genre.

Unfortunately, the processing of Alien3 wasn't simple at all, and Willam Gibson was only one of the many authors called to work on the script, which eventually was worked on for eight times. To arrive at the final screenplay was by David Fincher, who at the time was an emerging young, which handled the extensive material written by other authors to arrive at a script that would take elements scattered between one script and another.

Gibson had decided to survive, whether Newt, who Ripley that Hicks, while Fincher left in life, only the character played by Sigourney Weaver. The result was a film of appreciable but that has not convinced everyone. Many fans still yearn for the script of William Gibson, who Dark Horse has done to adapt to comics, and that Saldapress has just brought it to Italy.

This is the first album that opens to the mini-narrative of Gibson is just an introduction, in which Newt, Ripley and Hicks are still the protagonists, and are mostly mentioned. The threat of the xenomorph begins to be felt, and is placed within a social and political context is unstable.

Fans of the comics dedicated to the Aliens certainly know that the universe of comics of the xenomorph takes a turn quite different from the film. In the comics, in fact, the xenomorfi invade the Earth, bringing virtually the entire population of the world to know of their existence. This will have a large impact on the evolution of the universe to the comics of Aliens (the stories that have started this cycle, the narrative can be read in the book Aliens – 30th Anniversary).

Drawings by Johnnie Christmas (also the author of the adaptation of the texts) in this first book to complement the narrative, and are characterised by dynamism and attention to detail. Therefore, we find ourselves in front of a good adaptation of the script of Gibson.

But unfortunately, because of the first part of the narrative cycle can not understand and judge a lot. Alien3 William Gibson is one of the many " what if..? in the history of cinema, which is fortunately a medium like the comic was able to convert and make available to the public.

In short, a history of the William Gibson Alien, only these two elements combined are worth the purchase of the register.

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