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Published on Nov 03, 2019


Ends the minisaga crossover dedicated to the War of the Three Worlds (here the review of the previous numbers), and does so with a bang. Despite it's issues that have in the action of their kind and purpose, the individual decisions, and the intent of the various actors will be essential.

The attack of the Yautja killers is devastating, and humans could not do other than to succumb. But, from the part of the marine and colonial, there are two characters able to make a difference: we are talking about the android Sereda, and the skilful Machiko Naguchi. The girl managed to be accepted by the Predator, and, in spite of this, you will need to arrive at a decision, and understand if they support the spirit of a warrior, or make the decisive step for the salvation of the human race.

Randy Stradley bring forward, and concludes in the manner of intriguing crossover that, even if it could prove to be even more explosive, has reserved the goodies that are really important. On all stands the role of the Yautja killers, all of whom have found a way to make the xenomorfi, making them beings at their service.

Therefore, surely, the fact that you see the xenomorfi reduced to slaves of the yautja is one of the elements that is worth the purchase and reading of the crossover. And then, something very intriguing is the presence of Machiko Naguchi, a female character able to be characterized, and ask yourself almost to the levels charismatic of Ripley.

Also on a visual level Machiko is able to be characterized, thanks to a uniform as a warrior Predator, capable of evoking a mix between a yautja and a samurai.

What has left the crossover “the war of The three Worlds” is certainly a great facet in the Alien and Predator Universe. The fact of being able to see the work of the forms of yautja so aggressive, and able to subdue the xenomorfi, is intriguing, and surely the fore, many of the concepts that seemed to be similar.

The ability of the yautja to be of great hunters is obvious, but the fact that some among them, were able to defuse up to this point, the Aliens, making them slaves at their service, is something unpublished.

And Rick Leonardi was able to create some of the tables fine, and can make better on a visual level, the effect of the imposition of the total of the xenomorfi to the Yautja. The image that puts in evidence the warriors Predator with the Aliens on all fours next to them is indelible to all fans of this science fiction universe.

In addition, Leonardi uses in these stories, a sudden dirty but effective, capable of making the more aggressive the environment and the characters.

In short, the War of The Three worlds is an excellent crossover, which has in itself a potential even higher. The events and the characters involved, in fact, will continue to bring forward situations and scenarios yet to be explored.

What is discovered is that the battle between the xenomorfi, the yautja and the humans is still open. And that between the Predator there are breeds capable of doing anything.

Certainly the complexity of the yautja still deserves to be explored, and not only enrich the pages of the monthly magazine of the Predator, but lead to subsequent comparisons directly on the comic book of Alien.

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