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Published on Oct 06, 2019


Continues and concludes the narrative of “More than Human“, which will serve as a prologue to yet another crossover between Alien and Predator titled “the War of The Three Worlds“.

John Arcudi creates a story set in the same fictional universe seen in the Aliens 30th Anniversary, in which things happen that are very different than what occurred in films. In the universe of comics, the small Newt (found dead in the third chapter of the film saga) is saved and has arrived on Earth, as well as the xenomorfi, the existence of which has become public domain.

And in “More than Human” as the story moves on the planet Chione, where the human survivors are crazed killing those who came to the place. He that can mark the turning point of the story is not a human being, but an android, which exactly distinguish itself as “more than human”.

In this mini-cycle of narrative breathe a bit the atmosphere of Prometheus and the Alien Covenant. The discovery of the planet Chione leads the protagonists to deal with an environment that has many mysteries and to react in ways particular to the presence of humans. It is the variant on the theme of the most intriguing stories of Alien: when the xenomorfi inhabit planets that seem to have a history and characteristics of the natural, then the plots of the narrative is enriched with a further element.

All this while the Earth is preparing for a new war, in which human beings will be only a figure of contour that can stand between the xenomorfi and the yautja. Yes, because in the monthly Predator we have already seen the yautja enter the battle, and probably short-it's up to xenomorfi.

John Arcudi is one of the writers with the most experience on the head dedicated to the xenomorph, for this reason it is also one of the authors, able to manage different variants of the narrative, and always give the right pace to the story.

Despite the “More than Human” is a narrative cycle with a lot of action, Arcudi manages to give space to the introspection of the characters, making them open to the reader, revealing thoughts and fears. And, above all, the work carried out with Sereda is the most significant. Arcudi manages to give the character a thickness “human” is important.

To accompany the narrative, there are the drawings of Zach Howard, who, with a stretch in the middle between realistic and cartoonish, manages to give plasticity to the characters and to the xenomorfi, animating a story that would lend to more styles of drawing.

Fans of Alien will not be disappointed by this narrative cycle that puts you at the center one of the recurring themes of the stories of the xenomorfi: the relationship between the humans and the androids. The rest of Ridley Scott (the father of the Alien) has focused on this issue another cinematic masterpiece which is Blade Runner.

And knowing the stories of Alien you often have the feeling that these two great fictional universes are really connected, and that sooner or later some of the protagonists of the two sagas can interbreed. Maybe even in the comics.

In the meantime, we just have to enjoy the arrival of another big crossover starring Alien and Predator. Why xenomorfi and Yautja will never be peace.

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