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Published on Mar 29, 2018


Takes a year, the monthly Aliens weblog saldaPress and after having presented in the last two numbers in the excellent miniseries Aliens: Dead Orbit – our reviews here and here – of recent production for this number of celebration, let's jump in the ’90s with two stories of episodic Aliens: Purge of Phil Hester and Ian Edginton and Aliens: the Spectrum of Jay Stephens and Eduardo Risso.

The events of the Purge take place in the research complex hirah the adullamite. A company search is to purchase the complex, but before finalizing his investment he wants to understand at what point in the research. Follow so colonel Gaultier, who arrived in the complex, is welcomed by dr. Lichtner between the two and the tension is immediately palpable: while the doctor is conducting research on leprosy fertilized by xenomorfi, the military would like the research funds were spent on the development of androids. The pivot of the discussion between the two however it remains possible to create a work force capable of resisting the xenomorfi.

The point of contact in this ideological conflict is Eloise a android created hybridizing human dna, the dna of a queen and part biomechanical. When Gaultier realized the potential of this hybridization will attempt to complete the acquisition β€œhostile” of the complex, but will have to deal precisely with Eloise and her part alien.

Ian Edginton imbastisce a history of the classical type in which the xenomorph is the representation of the batch for survival, and a destructive elemental force, the author introduces prematurely, being the one-shot is dated 1997, the concept of hybridization between alien and mechanical, which will then be taken at Fire & Stone, the long series of event, proposed by saldaPress in volume, with that Dark Horse had re-launched the Alien Universe comic a few months ago.

The story runs smoothly and without any surprises enhanced by the pencils of Phil Hester (Green Arrow), it is particularly effective in creating a growing atmosphere of tension thanks to its stretch edgy and work on the chine that play with a chiaroscuro very atmospheric on a table in which the figures take the upper hand, breaking the rigidity of any composition.

Less classic in all the senses it is instead a Spectrum dated 1998.

The atmosphere claustrophobic typical of the stories with the protagonists of the xenomorfi give way to a story that recalls in a marginal way in some teen-movie ’80s, signed by Richard Donner.

Jay Stephens leads us to the colony of Tirgu-Mires where whom roarke has just come from the Earth. As a teenager, whom roarke has difficulty fitting in and is invited to a party in the woods where the peers of the place invite you to a test of courage: the courage to visit a cave that is said to be the dwelling place of a spectrum.

Whom roarke does not let himself be intimidated and facing the trial and discovered that in the cave dwelling of a spectrum but rather a xenomorph! The daring escape will conclude with the intervention of the marines colonial but will be far from a happy ending...

The author plays very well as a horror atmospheres and adolescent accompanied by Eduardo Risso at the time just the rookie in the market in the USA but that already shows the basic characteristics of the stretch of the voluptuous, marrying perfectly with one of the stories less brutal with the protagonist is the xenomorph.

A twelfth issue that has two stories with similar tones and yet diametrically opposed are joined by the superb trial, to the designs of Phil Hester and Eduardo Risso. Especially the second Aliens: Spectrum offers a new narrative mode, a point of view, very different than the one used habitually to tell the xenomorfi.

Excellent as always the care system-the technique of stapled while they continue the comprehensive editorial content in which we chronicle the saga of Alien, creating a timeline only with the events from all the media in which it appears the xenomorph. In the next issue, the thirteenth, we find two other stories of episodic titled the Pig and Horror.

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