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Published on Jan 11, 2019


What the film saga that began with "Prometheus", made by Ridley Scott, introduced to fans of the Alien Universe, the cycles of his works of Life and Death and Fire and Stone have definitively established.

The volume of closure of Life and Death sees the members of the crew of the ship landed on the planet LV-223 to collide once and for all with the xenomorfi, and with the yautja and the Engineers that will not only in the background.

The presence of Engineers even within these mini-series has in fact made it even more familiar to the creators of the xenomorfi (and of the same human race), who are increasingly occupying a role of a weight in the Alien Universe.

Reading Life and Death, in fact, the presence of the Engineers, and their past from the creators of living beings, is represented under a new key of reading. The feeling is that the missing piece (which, in the past, even in the comics has fueled a lot of fantasy) between the birth of the xenomorfi and their proliferation has finally been defined, and is increasingly consolidating.

The consolidation of the presence of the Engineers is not the only variant inserted in Life and Death, that as a canvas to base once again is the classic struggle for survival between men and xonomorfi, with the addition of the variant of the Predator. The survival story in this mini-series is enriched also by other factors: the re-emergence of the relationship between Galgo and the yautja Ahab, that resembles more and more to the friendship between Han solo and Chewbacca; the emotional relationship between the two members of the crew, Jill and Chris; the presence on the Planet LV-223, a group of xenomorfi “sterile”; and, above all, the status of “motherhood” of the young Chris, which he holds in his lap a xenomorph queen, desired by the Alien of the planet, and not only.

Life and Death is indeed the appropriate title for this mini-series that, through the character of young Chris, puts the focus on the theme of life and death: vital status, who holds within himself the bearer of the xenomorph queen, and the need of births that feeds the desire of the Aliens of LV-223, but at the same time the spectre of death which accompanies the members of the crew left on the planet, and also the xenomorfi themselves at high risk of extinction.

Dan Abnett has condensed in these latest stories that close Life and Death of a message much deeper that accompanies the protagonists, and the xenomorfi. The writer has managed to give personality and depth to the story, without weighing it down too much, the dialogue and the captions.

While the designer, Brian Albert Thies, with his suddenly erratic and nervous, he managed to make visually effective, with a touch of expressionist the many xenomorfi, which fill the pages of this volume. Excellent also the colors of Rain Beredo, who managed to liven up the individual pages, leaving ample space for the heavy machines of Thies, which are useful to maintain an atmosphere of gloomy.

In the end, Life and Death manages to refine what had been introduced in the cycle of Fire and Stone, with the characters of the ship ended up on LV-223 in search of salvation, but also capable of becoming three-dimensional and convey the empathy the right to give effect to the narration.

After convincing the conclusion of Fire and Stone, the end of Life and Death most satisfies, and leaves the door open to a new cycle of stories that will enrich an Alien Universe in expansion.

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