Alien: the universe of Ridley Scott is at risk?

Published on Jul 22, 2017

Alien may be at risk seen the poor results of Scott with Prometheus and the Alien: Covenant

As in 2012, Ridley Scott is back at the helm of the franchise of Alien with Prometheus, fans of the saga have hoped that this return to the creator, we would have shown a growing variety of scary monsters and angry going to discover the origins of the universe that we know. With Prometheus, Scott has not exactly made this our desire, but we are confident that fans of Xenomorfi we gave another chance to the good Scott, she tried again with the Alien: the Covenant, but once again the intention of the british director proved to be a disappointment for audiences and critics.

The success of Alien: Covenant was a necessary step to help to give solidity to the plans to continue the idea of Scott of the universe continuously for its Alien, but it seems that 20th Century Fox the results of the film has not gone to the genius, having planned a more built in. It translated? The future of the franchise of Alien could be seriously at risk!!


In spite of Prometheus and Alien: the Covenants we have both had reviews and public reaction mixed on their debut, the first of the two was able to cash in the cinema 403.3 million dollars in all over the world. Aline: the Covenant has ended his stay in the cinema with a collection of 232.2 million dollars. As if that wasn't enough, in the second weekend of programming, the number of viewers has dropped 71%, a sign that word-of-mouth among the spectators was decidedly unforgiving towards the film (how to blame them? Ed.). According to The Hollywood Reporter, these numbers from the meltdown have pushed the Fox to “re-evaluate” the intention of Scott for his much-coveted sequels. And I already I imagine how much is sghigazzando Neil Blomkamp!

During the premiere of Alien: Covenant in may, Ridely Scott was incredibly enthusiastic about his plans to keep alive the franchise of Alien for years to come. That optimistic! The director had scheduled the other six films, but then in the days immediately following had been revealed to have prepared only one or two followed. In that time, Scott revealed that the new Alien was already in the process of writing, planning for the filming will begin in 2018 for a release in 2020. Now, since, the air pulling into the house the Fox, I would say that if you want to wait for a new movie Alien, we should put beautiful comfortable in the waiting!

Seriously talking, what is the meaning of this process of evaluation of the Fox for the future of Alien? Luck or misfortune, at the moment no one knows exactly, and this may indicate that the capoccioni Fox are still thinking on the numbers. The only certainty is that Fox does not intend to relaunch the franchise with a reboot )and this is a news magnificent!), therefore, in the case, you should continue on the same line narrative of Prometheus and Alien: of the Covenants, that ideally should lead to the events of the first Alien from 1979.

Now, just between us, it would be the case of try a reboot? Considering the lukewarm reactions to Alien: the Covenant, you would see better someone else at the helm of the history of the Alien (Neil Blomkamp could laugh even more strong now!!)? Or perhaps we have reached the point in which the universe of Alien could be considered finished, and maybe let the new stories to come on other media, such as comics, Dark Horse published in Italy by saldaPress? Tell us, lovers of the xenomorfi... so much on the internet nobody can hear you scream!


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