Alien: Ripley may return in the upcoming prequel

Published on Jul 12, 2017

Ridley Scott, director of Alien: Covenant, does not rule out the possibility of connect the character of Ellen Ripley in the next prequel of the saga

It is needless to turn around, Ellen Ripley is the Alien the same Alien has Ellen Ripley, the iconic character, the protagonist of the first (in order of theatrical release) four films of the sci-fi saga, played by the excellent Sigourney Weaver.

The figure of the league perfectly, even with some little wheezing in the last chapter of the saga, the original, the entire franchise, giving it body and substance, but above all, constituting a fundamental point of reference for the events narrated in the film, something that nothing and no one has managed even remotely to replicate in Prometheus and Covenant.

It is not a, therefore, the news that director Ridley Scott, creator of the saga, for several years has the desire (or the need) to bring/connect Ellen Ripley to film the prequel, but the way in which she wants to do it could prove to be quite surprising.

In a recent interview, I asked Scott if he had never considered the idea of using the technology to “rejuvenate” Sigourney Weaver, and then put it in his prequel to Alien. The director responded instead that he always had the idea of linking Ripley to the saga prequel through his parents:

We go in the direction of the events leading up to the first Alien, and then, using the CG, I think it is possible. Ripley will also be the daughter of someone. There are time constraints between these films. We left David's direct to the colony. It will take at least two movies before starting to take account of Ripley.

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The response of Scott, in addition to reveal to us that perhaps we are the knowledge of the family of Ripley, we anticipate the arrival of at least two other films in the prequel, in the hope that they have something more to offer than the Prometheus, and the Covenants, that something that up to this time, only Sigourney Weaver and her Ripley were able to give us.

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