Alien is back on TV: from the 24th of April on Rai 4 all the movies of the saga in full version!

Published on Apr 14, 2017

Return to TV, all the movies of the saga cult, that lands on Rai 4 from April 24,

Alien is waiting for you! Are you ready again to scream of terror, even if in space no one can hear you?

On the occasion of the release of the Covenant, the second chapter of the prequel trilogy, directed by Ridely Scott and waited at the cinema for the 11th of may, the entire film saga arrives on Rai 4.

Starting from the 24th of April and for eight Monday thereafter, an unmissable weekly event will resurface in the early evening, at 21.05, all of the films in the full version.

The cycle of the film proposed by Rai 4 will start from 1979, right from the beginning of the saga with the before legendary film directed by Ridley Scott and the winner of an Oscar for special effects, and ends on the 5th of June with Prometheus the movie, in order of time, precedes its Covenant.

24 April: Alien Ridley Scott (1979)
26 April: Alien – the Director's Cut of Ridley Scott (in the evening)
May 1: Aliens – final Clash with James Cameron (1986)
May 8: Alien 3 by David Fincher (1992)
15 may: Alien – cloning of Jean-Pierre Jeunet (1997)
22 may: Alien vs. Predator Paul W. S. Anderson (2004)
29 may: Predators of Nimród Antal (2010)
June 5: the Prometheus of Ridley Scott (2012)

Then, all ready with frittatona onions, Peroni, ice, and burp-free?

And, if something were to remain on the stomach, try not to panic!

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