Alien: Fox tries to schedule a reboot of the franchise with a new timeline

Published on Jul 31, 2017

According to some rumor Fox is trying to schedule a reboot of the franchise Alien with a new timeline and new characters

By the time we have now realized that, by the parties of Hollywood, the original ideas are not ready yet, or the desire to bet on something new is a risk too high for the studios, more and more oriented towards products that can produce income, maybe not exceptional, but confident; in short, to focus on an honest placement instead of on a likely, even if profitable, victory, seems to be the prudent strategy of the major companies in hollywood.

The studios, however, though cautious and prudent, are not averse to squeeze out of the franchise's success down to the bone, sure that a good percentage of the receipts generated automatically with only the name or the trademark of these products now become a cult classic.

In this perspective, species to a new report, according to which, 20th Century Fox is trying to pinificare a reboot of the interao franchise Alien, with a saga that should have a new timeline and new characters.

According to Steve Weintraub of Collider, who has a source inside the studios, the original plan of Fox for the film prequel to Alien foresaw the huge success of Alien: the Covenant, with a movie extra that would have made a connection to the original film by Ridley Scott in 1979.

The non-exploits of the Covenant, according to Weintraub, he has betrayed the expectations of the major, to avoid a possible flop and jeopardize the entire saga, has decided to embark on the road of a reboot complete of the franchise with a new story arc:

I think that the original plan was that after the Covenant, assuming that these would have been a success at the box office, they would have made another film that was connected to the original.

After that, however, they changed their minds [Fox], I heard of a new timeline in the future so you can start over with new characters, new events, new problems, everything to start again, maybe with a movie budget but that they continue to speak of the universe Alien without worrying about David, and all the rest.

At the moment no further details have been revealed, if not the fact that Fox will have to re-evaluate in a concrete way, the two sequels that Ridley Scott had already developed.

The thing that currently seems sure is that the studios do not want to embark again on an adventure in the style of the least for now!

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