Alien becomes a play of a high school


Published on Mar 26, 2019


Then he thought to realize the adaptation of the 1979 film Alien. Alien: The Play was staged in the 19 and the 22 of march from Northramen High School Drama Club in North Bergen, New Jersey. The production, however, was not that of a drama created by guys, because the public has received a production similar to those of Broadway by the members of the club, who have worked since September 2018.

The photos of the production were originally posted on Reddit by Emo_Kid23, a senior at North Bergen High School, said the school is not funded any part of the production, and the whole thing was the result of the collection of funds. The fantastic sets were all built with recyclable materials. The scenography was realized by the art teacher Steven Defendini.

Last night the North Bergen High School in New Jersey put on 'Alien' as their school play and it looks absolutely incredible.#hrgiger#Alien#rushmore

— Paul Owens (@oh_pollo) April 23, 2019

The drama club has then also led the performance among the audience, putting even a Xenomorph from the spectators. You have added other short scenes to allow the change of the set. A total of fifty people worked on the production.

The teacher is doing it now a movie from four different angles with all the show and we'll have to wait until may to complete the film. Perhaps James Cameron or Ridley Scott can intervene to give a hand...

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