Alfonso Signorini is back with the GF Vip “will Start in September”


Published on May 12, 2020


Now it's official: Alfonso Signorini takes the Big Brother-Vip-September. It was even promoted with full marks and re-appointed as ferryman of the reality show. But this year there will be a novelty: Alfonso will do the extraordinary because they will return the double the bets, a bis completely unexpected.

It was the same Alfonso Signorini to give the official news during a live Instagram with Simona Ventura: “The GF Vip will begin in September, will be an autumn busy. There will again double rates, as in Spain.” Fans of the house of Cinecittà were waiting on this confirmation. After the victory of the former mother nature Paola Di Benedetto, can't wait to see the next competitors.

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In march, the program was still on air, but the social-health care emergency dictated by the Coronavirus has completely changed the production, new rhythms and new rules. “At the beginning, I am not scared,” she admitted, also because this first-run solitary to put it to the test.

“Then we realized that the public affezionava to follow what was going on in the house,” he added Signorini, which, therefore, has accepted the challenge of Mediaset. But it was not completely only in the last period, was there with him the Baby. They have formed a bond so strong, that in the latest episodes, you have discovered affiatatissimi and they knew they can rely on one another. And in the next edition we will see him still with Alfonso in the role of a pundit.

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The baby, in addition, has shown a sense of irony and a language quite sharp and like so much to the editor of the weekly Chi. Alfonso, meanwhile, has already put in the work to develop the cast that will power the home of Cinecittà. “These days we are doing the call on a Zoom with the whole team,” he told SuperSimo. Some of the vip, i.e. the competitors of GF Vip 5, have already been chosen.

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