Alf: Warner Bros. prepares a reboot of the series


Published on Aug 02, 2018


Aired from 1986 to 1990, Alf, for some people, has embodied the trashy television in the early evening of the time. Nevertheless, the show became a great success and has arrived also in Italy.

Alf was popular enough to generate many projects, spin-offs, including an animated series, a comic Marvel and a talk show broadcasted in the early years of 2000 on TV Land. Sony, at one point, he also started work on a feature film hybrid live-action/CGI, but without further developments.

Alf remains popular enough to be mentioned frequently in pop culture, in particular from the series Mr. Robot in his bizarre episode of the second season that saw Elliott does not think of the pain of a beating fantasizing of being in a stupid sitcom from the 80's.

With the trend to reboot today, it is not surprising that the Warner Bros. Television is proceeding with the development of a new series of Alf. No screenwriter has been attached to the project, and for now, there are no official details on the storytelling of the reboot. However, Variety reports that it has been proposed an idea that would see ALF escape from Area 51, where it was held as a prisoner since the events of the original series, and find out how much the world has changed in the meantime.

The original series ended with a cliffhanger that saw the alien taken by the government to be killed. In the reboot, Alf would have a second chance at life, and without a doubt will return to live with an american family normal and will resume to be a character wise (even if the humor sometimes problematic character will need some changes).

The Alf original, of course, was a puppet, voiced by Paul Fusco, who is still available to give a voice to the character. Although the technology has progressed considerably from when it was sent to the Alf the original, it seems unlikely that the Warner to adopt an Alf completely in CGI for a tv sitcom, since a puppet would be sufficient and perhaps the fans will appreciate more.

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