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Published on Nov 25, 2018


This eighteenth output of Historica Biographies is very special because it is dedicated to one of the most discussed of human history: Alexander the great. Do a book on his life is not easy, and not so much for the various events that have seen protagonist, but for the fact that it is difficult to distinguish what is true and what is not. In the case of Alessandro, in fact, reality and legend are intertwined, and often the second element seems to be predominant.

What have been aware of David Goy and Luca Blengino, the authors of the screenplay. Drawing on the advice of the historic Paulin Ismard, have made it clear from the beginning this aspect. The existential journey of Alexander is told in first person by two individuals: a scribe who had the task of documenting every event concerning the famous conqueror and a warrior that has been a part of his army.

Several years have passed from the death of Alexander, and the two, now elderly, meet and reminiscent of the past. The scribe, however, repeatedly makes it clear that several things contained in his writings were changed by the will of Alexander. With this contrivance, then, Goy, and Blengino face the problem of the truthfulness of the facts. What is particularly important in the work is, however, the psychological analysis of the protagonist.

The portrait emerges of a man, impetuous and ambitious, eager to leave his mark in history. In his own way, Alexander is a visionary who intends to turn a small kingdom on the outskirts of the Greek in a huge empire, trying to unite the Greek world and the Persian one. The contrast between these two companies is obvious and is one of the prevailing characteristics of the plot.
Goy and Blengino sign of a good story that has, however, the lack of either often too slow and introspective, at the expense of the action which is also not missing. There is perhaps an excess of intellectualism but, in spite of everything, the lyrics, and the dialogues are cared for and not lacking intensity. The volume is to be then kept an eye out for the beautiful designs by the very talented Antonio Palma.

His style is naturalistic and detailed. There is no room for the grotesque, and both the humans and the buildings of the era, the uniforms of the soldiers and the majesty of Babylon are characterized by a realism that marked that connects to certain suggestions of classical art. Palma demonstrates his talent at depicting battle scenes with a huge number of characters and has the ability to evoke strong emotions that animate Alexander and his soldiers with successful early plans of setting film.

The pencils are then made even more fascinating by the colors, sometimes warm and vivid, sometimes subtle, of the great Flavio Dispenza. Overall, we are thus dealing with a proposal interesting editorial that will appeal to lovers of epic historical adventure. For you to try.

About the authors David Goy and Luca Blengino sign an adventure intriguing, although burdened with the rhythm at times extremely slow. The book is, however, kept an eye out for the beautiful designs by the very talented Antonio Palma.

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