Alessia Marcuzzi unrecognizable, photo choc around the web

Published on Nov 05, 2018

Alessia Marcuzzi is one of the presenters the most beautiful and best-loved on social. The presenter of ‘The Hyenas’ showed a photo that has baffled all the fans

Alessia Marcuzzi has shown to her fans on Instagram a photo that shows where it looks absolutely unrecognizable. Here is when it was. He was only 16 years old. The shot is of several years ago is, as always, Alessia appears beautiful.

If one is beautiful is beautiful anyway. The beautiful Alessia Marcuzzi wanted to show off to his fans as it was a few years ago. And between the sexual desires of several men, in spite of having a lot of competition. Now you will have made the callus to the compliments. Yet, to her, are the moments of nostalgia.

And it is for this reason that he decided to publish an old photo on Instagram. It is, in fact, one of the well-known faces on Italian television. And famous is an understatement. Just look at the likes and the comments to the photos to see for yourself.

The photo is very old and it is for this that on social the have said that it is almost unrecognizable. In fact, the difference from Alessia current there is. But of course, it is normal. Alessia has always been very natural, but the years pass for all misfortune.

Messages of congratulations were wasted. Here he was 16 years old. Alessia commented on his photo:

“Today is the day of boxes with old photos... Mine is always curious to see mum from the small, Tommy small, she's small. And now we have just found this: I am 16 years old (and in a few days I'll be 46). But the costume axillary??? It's just back in fashion, no?”

Obviously, this shot has made full of like.

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