Alessia Mancini in tears live for Flavio Montrucchio, here's what happened

Published on Sep 12, 2018

Alessia Mancini has moved, when a girl of the public spoke at the open heart of the drama that has plagued his family, and the value of Flavio Montrucchio

Alessia Mancini to Come from me will you find such a crying dramatic, listening to the story of a woman who spoke of the last days of the life of his father and of his esteem for Flavio Montrucchio.

Host Caterina Balivo, Alessia Mancini who has heard of a past event that has marked a lot. The former castaway Island of the Famous has listened to a very particular story about Flavio Montrucchio husband. A lady in the public, Scarlett, has told to have always esteemed very much Montrucchio and be a fan for many years.

Some time after, however, the parent was hit by a stroke and entered a coma. The fans of Flavio even came to record the adventures of the former gieffino in order to make them feel at the father, once awake.

When the woman did listen to the victory of Flavio Montrucchio to the father, the latter was awakened. But then, shortly after, died. Scarlett thanked his ex-girl, Alessia Mancini:

“You gave me six minutes of the life of dad”.

The story has moved to the former letter of the word-of-Mouth, which ended up burst out crying. Also, Catherine is thrilled. Flavio Montrucchio wanted to tell her the story. The actor is excited and has told:

“I was not expecting this surprise. It seems incredible to me, even I wanted to do tv. In fact every time I'm on tv I think I'm being inappropriate, so it makes me even more pleasure to this surprise.”

Alessia Mancini, Flavio Montrucchio has been together since 2003: the couple has two children, Mya and Orlando, of 10 and 3 years. They are one of the couples most in love, and enduring in the world of the show.

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