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Published on Mar 12, 2019


After the previous trailer, get an in-depth look at the new live-action Disney dedicated to Aladdin, with the presence also of some of the content from behind the scenes of the set:

Below, the new poster:

Since his debut in the first look at the live-action Aladdin, the Genie of the Lamp Will Smith has suffered criticism from fans but, for Disney, in the end will conquer the public. “Ours is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and we are confident that the public will fall in love with the Genius of Will Smith and all the characters in the film” the law on the declaration of the company in USA Today.

The Genius of Will Smith had previously talked to producer Dan Lin, emphasizing the differences from the animated version. “And’ a great genius blue, with a tail and an unwelcome presence, and spirit” the words of Dan Lin “Will be a figure from the flavor of hip-hop”. Given the choice of Will Smith to play him, we are confident that this feature will be made better by the actor. Lin then goes on to talk about the emancipation of Jasmine: “It really speaks to his strength, his desire to be independent and how she wants to govern well the country. We have heard how in the animated version, had not enough goals, if not to find love. In this version want to do more, wants to save his world, his people, and to have an active role in the leadership of the kingdom.”

Producer Dan Lin talks Jasmine''s new song in the upcoming #Aladdin live action movie

— Variety (@Variety) February 2, 2019

Previously, always with EW have had the opportunity to talk to the director Guy Ritchie (Sherkock Holmes, King Arthur – the power of The sword), and a member of the tip of the cast as Will Smith, who will interpret the Genie of the lamp: “my skills and experience could add enough to make it fresh and worthy, but not so much to sweep away the nostalgia. Make a children's film was very attractive to me,” the words of the director.

“Whenever you work with something so iconic, is always scary,” said Will Smith about the Genius, “The question is always this: there is yet something more to give? Robin Williams, editor's note) seems to have sold out of everything that we could give to the character, he linked to a version without the time if it is the same. Anyway, I have started to feel safe to be able to offer something that was also a tribute to Robin Williams, and at the same time different, even with the aid of the music. I think that the final product will be unique in the entire world of Disney by adding a taste of hip-hop almost absent”.

These images released by Entertainment Weekly and Empire starring Jasmine:

I have one love, it seems.

— Megan Peters (@meganpeterscb) December 23, 2018

The actress then spoke about Jasmine: “Jasmine has always been one of my Disney princesses since I was little, along with Pocahontas, I like then very much. She truly is a character very loved, give her life in a film is for me a fantastic experience, one of the many beautiful sides of my work. At the beginning of the film, she wants to protect the people, to be right with them, but despite this he gets angry when Aladdin ruin everything. The story is a parable ascendant wonderful, she goes from taking everything that he wants to be a true leader, the aspect that I liked her. To take something and create something more profound has been the most beautiful to represent for me, an honor, and also because I'm surrounded by extraordinary women from whom I can draw inspiration”.


The film, produced by Lin Pictures, is directed by Guy Ritchie with John August who wrote the script: what's new about the plot, there are also present a series of new songs that should be the product of a collaboration between the composers of The The Land of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul and Alan Meken, who worked on the film, and the original animation in Aladdin.

Even if they could not reveal too many details, the composers have said that some of the characters will get new pieces. “We had to write a new song for Jasmine“ in the words of Paul, who continues, revealing how there will be space for a new romantic song for Aladdin.

The arrival in the Italian cinemas of Aladdin , the musical, a live-action masterpiece of Disney animation, released in 1992, is scheduled for may 24, 2019 and will see the cast Men Massoud in the shoes of the protagonist Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Jasmine, Will Smith in the role of the Genie of the lamp, and Marwan Kenzari in the role of Jafar.


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