Alda d'eusanio poisonous after the Island of the famous 2019 launches accusations against the authors of the reality show


Published on Apr 09, 2019


Was not one of the editions of the best of the famous Island, indeed. If there has been little in some ways and very to of the things that could have been avoided. The Island of the famous 2019 will not go down in history for the cast, the stories told, the emotions you are coming to the public house. And will not go even to the history of the interventions bright who often appears. But apparently Alda d'eusanio in a radio interview he explained why. She and Alba, Parietti, we would expect much more, but apparently, someone would have prevented them to be original and talk about when and how they wanted to. Of course, this is the version of the facts of Alda d'eusanio, the which, if they want to, they can then also replicate the authors of the reality show of Channel 5.

Interviewed during the radio program, Italy has awakened, Alda d'eusanio reveals that this is not at all amused . He declared: “we were talking about.”

“And I Alba Parietti we were the two who often appears with the order not to speak. The authors have told us that only in a few occasions we were able to talk. I would propose to the authors to do the telesales to the commentators, so at least speak two minutes.”

Anyone who has followed the reality show and has also attended Alba Parietti knows that she social had complained to an author just because he had not had the opportunity to tell her on several occasions. In short, that Alda and Dawn were not comfortable with the audience at home, and also the insiders, this was well understood.

The d'eusanio has also wanted to comment on the episode for Riccardo fogli. And he explained:

“It was one of the most inhuman and shameful I have ever seen. And there, I've said, because it was a shameful thing, both for the message given is for the use of the tv where now you can wash all dirty clothes, without respect even for the honor of the people. When the tv for an index of listening in taking away the honor as if honor was nothing, it is shameful”.

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