Alberto Urso wins Friends 18: the video of the proclamation


Published on May 26, 2019


A final under the sign of “volemose good” was that of the Evening of Friends 18: the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi. The winner of this first edition of the “age” of the talent show Mediaset was Alberto Urso: the singer from the operatic. But even in this final between the sponsor and the prizes and plaques, almost all of them have received at least one award.

Let's go together to relive the important phases of this end-of Friends 18 and watch the video of the announcement of the winner of the season, Alberto Urso.

The final of the Friends 18 opens with the revelation of yet another new regulation of the race. To determine the winners of the individual head – to – head was a new mechanism that could see the first vote on the televoting from the house (that has had value for only 50%) and once revealed those results to the juries in the study were able to overturn the ranking with their votes (the remaining 50%).

In addition to the classic jury of professors and Loredana Bertè, was added to the “press room” and four vip (Alessia Marcuzzi, Ilary Blasi, Silvia University and Michelle Hunziker).

The first contestant to be made out of this amazing mechanism is the dancer Vincenzo First. The boy returns home empty-handed: for him there is no prize sponsor.

With this elimination, Rafael Quenedit Castro goes to the prize category: first place winner in the Dance. His path, however, is interrupted precisely in the next round; defeated by jordan, the dancer takes home the prize sponsor that consists of a audition in a note companion national dance in Spain, but also a role in the cast of the next musical produced by Giuliano Peparini.

And if Vincent reached the fourth and Rafael came in third, in second place we find Giordana Angi: you will be awarded with the Critics Prize awarded by the press room.

The winner, Alberto Urso, in addition to the super prize as winner of the Friends 18, has also gone the Premium TIM in the value of 30.000 Euro. Here is the video of the announcement of the winner of the Friends 18.


I believe in destiny, that number 26 that you are so tied not has betrayed you, your grandmother was with you for the entire evening and brought you to victory! 🖤

Are actually so so proud of you! #Amici18

— Albish (@Albish49332873) May 25, 2019

Surprise, Tish receives a prize: a bag of work to the value of 30,000 Euros offer from one of the sponsors of the program.

You have assigned all the prizes, Friends 18, is laid off with a short video in which were celebrated the eighteen years of transmission: a brief video collage in which the transmission boasts of being always on the side of his students. But on the web, not all are in agreement...

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