Alberto Angela is humiliated in front of everyone: here's what happened

Published on Oct 18, 2018

On 30 September, the journalist had been ‘there’ from the Pages of the jewish on the description of the Sistine chapel

Alberto Angela receives a lot of compliments but occasionally it can happen also some criticism. Here's what happened.

As you can beat one as Alberto Algela? The very same day on which he became an honorary citizen of the city of Pompeii, it is there from l'osservatore Romano. The Pages of the jewish have taken because of the lack of sufficient preparation on the description of the Sistine chapel.

Here's what they wrote in the journal. In particular, Massimo Giuliani biblical languages at the university of Trento, italy) writes:

“As a presenter and popularizer is very good, but as an exegete of the Bible much less. When the is touched to explain the bezel of the time that the renaissance artist, dedicated to ‘Iacob’ and ‘Ioseph’, i.e. Jacob and Joseph, our Albert has concluded that, as Jacob the father of Joseph, we see here the ‘grandfather of Jesus’!”.

Not only is there was an initial error, Alberto Angela, would be also identified in the figure of Rachel as the Lady. Too much confusion, in the relationship the biblical view that the biblical languages could not fail to emphasize. For Giovanni Maria Vian, director of l'osservatore Romano, Alberto Angela:

“with some exaggeration, declared that his hypothesis (actually, advanced from the other) on the date of the autumn for the destruction of Pompeii have been confirmed”.

And finally? The director reveals:

“Disclose and emphasize in the cultural field, especially these days, is certainly good (in particular Pompeii), but it should be done with a bit of measurement and, in the Sistine chapel, with a minimum of extra attention and preparation”

A real tug of ears that maybe Angela did not deserve. It can happen to all of make mistakes, even the greatest!

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